Play sports with the best music!

You want play sports comfortably while listening to your playlist preferred? In this guide we show you the best wireless sports headphones that you can find in Amazon under $ 30.

1. Mpow

With a design that goes above the ears, these mpow headphones They offer HD stereo sound and IPX7 sweat and water resistance. Its autonomy is 7 to 9 hours of use and it has buttons on the outside to control the volume and pause the music without having to touch your cell ph

They are the best selling sport headphones from the guide, with more than 25,000 reviews in Amazon and a positive assessment. Customers highlight this model as they are headphones with a great price-quality ratio, which provides a very good sound quality and you can also take calls from these headphones.

2. Anker

With a design similar to the previous model, these Anker headphones They have controls for your music and the microphone on the cable. They include bluetooth 5.0, a range of up to 18 hours and a water resistance of IPX7. In addition, their cable has a lock that allows them to be adjusted to use them more safely.

In Amazon, these headphones feature more than 9,500 reviews and a price that does not exceed $ 30. Customers comment that they are high-quality sports headphones, with good sound, good connectivity bluetooth and they also have a cover to store them.

3. Letscom

Of the Letscom brand, these wireless headphones have the same design as the previous models, offering an autonomy of 8 hours of use and a water resistance of IPX7 as well. They offer high-quality sound and controls built into the headphones themselves.

Priced below $ 20, these are the cheapest headphones in the guide. In Amazon They are available in many color combinations and are highly valued by customers, who highlight their great sound quality and low price, ideal for anyone looking for simple and functional wireless headphones.

4. Haylou

In these haylou headphones We find a more modern design, which serves you for sports and also use in your daily life. Count on bluetooth 5.0 and on the outside they have a button touch multifunction to control music and take calls. The autonomy of the headphones is 4 hours, and in the box we get 8 more hours of charge. They have IPX5 sweat and water resistance, and offer good audio quality.

Available in black or white, these are the most expensive headphones in the guide, but they’re also the most modern. In Amazon are highly valued by customers with more than 4,600 reviews, commenting that it is a product with a great price-quality ratio, offering a good sound experience. As a negative point, they mention that their button touch It is very sensitive and it is normal to activate it when accommodating the headphones.

5. Levin

At the bottom of the list we have the levin wireless headphones, which stand out for their design. This is a model that goes over the ear, ideal for those who resent having the headphones inside the ear. These speakers are positioned supported by their rubber arches, which go above the ear. On the outside, they have buttons to control music and take calls. Offers bluetooth 4.1, up to 12 hours of autonomy and stereo sound.

In Amazon this product has more than 2,500 reviews, generally positive. Customers comment that it is a model of wireless headset ideal for sports or everyday use, very light and very comfortable, perfect to wear for hours. As a negative point, they mention that it is not a model noise canceling.