Get motivated with your favorite music at full volume.

The trend of wireless headphones is increasing, as they are very comfortable and functional devices for listening to music and answering calls. Not being tied to cables is something very comfortable, especially when you do sports, since it can bother you or get hooked with some device. If you want to enjoy the freedom of movement that wireless headphones offer, check out these 5 models that are ideal for sports.

1. Tozo

The Tozo headphones They have a compact design, which is very much in trend today. They are headphones that not only serve for sports, but to listen to your favorite music and answer calls throughout the day. They have technology bluetooth 5.0 and IPX8 water and sweat protection. Its battery can last up to 3.5 hours on a single charge and with the transport box you can recharge them for up to 9 more hours.

With a price of $ 49.99 and the highest rating in AmazonWith 4.4 stars, these Tozo headphones They have a very modern and minimalist design, available in various colors. In addition, it includes 4 sizes of rubber to fit each ear comfortably. Customers mention that it is a product with a great price-quality ratio.

2. SoundPEATS

With a design similar to the previous product, the SoundPEATS headphones They offer high quality sound thanks to its bluetooth 5.0. In addition, they have a total battery life of 35 hours, including the charge of their transport box.

For his price of $ 28.04, the SoundPEATS headphones they offer quality in an economic product. Customers in Amazon They emphasize the power of its sound and its elegant design, although they mention that the ear rubbers are not of the best quality.

3. Boltune

These Boltune headphones They are placed inside the ear and have a cable that connects them to make them more secure. Includes 3 pairs of rubber bands and 3 hooks to fit each ear comfortably. In its rubber cable, it has 3 buttons that allow you to control music or take calls. In addition, they have a water and sweat resistance of IPX7 and bluetooth 5.0.

With a price of $ 21.99, this type of headphones are ideal for sports and running, for their comfort and the possibility of controlling music without touching the cell ph They have an ergonomic and lightweight design, which is firmly attached to the ear. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a product with an excellent price-quality ratio.

4. Mpow

Available in a wide variety of colors, the Mpow headphones They are attached above the ear, ensuring greater comfort in use in sports with a lot of movement, such as running. Its battery can last up to 9 hours of use and have a water and sweat resistance of IPX7. At the top of the right earcup, it has two buttons to control the volume and take calls.

It is one of the best-selling headphone models, with a price of $ 19.99 and that includes 4 soft silicone tips to perfectly fit your ear. It’s a product specifically designed for running, but it’s great for all kinds of sports. In Amazon, customers highlight its great quality in relation to the price and appreciate that it includes a protective cover to transport them.

5. Senso

Similar to the previous model, the Senso headphones They also offer an extra adjustable fit to the ears, and are connected with an adjustable cable, for added security. Its battery can last up to 8 hours of use and resists a little water or sweat. It has buttons on one of your headphones, to control the volume and take calls.

These are the cheapest headphones, priced at $ 17.97 and they are also the best sellers on the list. Available in 4 color variants, this product is highly valued by customers in Amazon that highlight the quality of its sound and that includes various accessories to fit your ear, although they mention that they are not very comfortable to use for many hours in a row.