Looking for some sneakers that go with any clothes and are very comfortable? Tennis shoes Adidas in general they are characterized by being quality footwear, comfortable and with very modern designs, which adapt to your style. See below 6 models that combine with dresses, jeans, leggings and much more.

1. Adidas Pure Running

Although they are running shoes, for their modern and minimalist style they can adapt well to any look. These sneakers Adidas have a base Cloudfoam which ensures good support for your foot and comfort for the whole day. They are made of fabric, allowing your foot to breathe and adapting better. To put them on, it has two straps on the heel and the flap.

Available in a large number of colors, these are one of the cheapest sneakers. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are tennis very comfortable and with great style. They have a snug fit, so it is recommended to order half a size more if you will use them with thick stockings or you have a wide foot.

2. Adidas Grand court

This is probably one of the most iconic Adidas modelsThey are synthetic leather sneakers with the characteristic 3 stripes on the side, which you can find in different colors. It has a rubber base to give a little height, but it is not very flexible, so these sneakers are not recommended for people who walk a lot.

They are the top rated tennis shoes in the guide, with 4.6 stars in Amazon and a price that does not exceed $ 70. The clients mention that they are very beautiful and versatile sneakers, ideal to wear every day. In addition, they affirm that they are light tennis shoes and that they fit a little big, so they recommend asking for half a size less if you have a small foot.

3. Adidas Swift Run

With a very modern and trendy designThese Adidas sneakers are available in a huge number of colors, to suit your personal style. Its mesh fabric construction helps the foot breathe and the tennis fits better. It has a high rubber base, which provides comfort both for sports and for day-to-day tasks.

These Adidas sneakers stand out for their sporty design, but also for their ability to go with any look. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are very comfortable and light tennis, but that they are a little complicated to put on. They recommend ordering half a size less for its large fit if you do not have a wide foot.

4. Adidas Advantage

A classic Adidas tennis model, but with an original detail that will add style to any look. This model is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, but these in white with flowers on the sides stand out for their feminine and modern style. They are made of synthetic leather and have a rubber base Cloudfoam to provide comfort through a foam structure.

This Adidas model is best seller of the guide, standing out for its design and comfort. Clients in Amazon They claim they have great style and fit very well. In addition, they affirm that they are very comfortable to use every day and that they resist well the passage of time due to their quality.

5. Adidas Lite Racer

Available in 5 different colors, these Adidas sneakers are designed to run, but due to their characteristics they are also provide great comfort in everyday use. Its large rubber base with technology Cloudfoam it brings comfort with the foam, and also a little height. The upper part of the tennis shoes is made of mesh fabric, which adjusts perfectly to your foot.

It is one of the cheapest models, thanks to its current 30% discount. They are recommended for daily use, due to their foam base and low weight, which provide comfort. Clients in Amazon They affirm that they are very comfortable tennis shoes, that they go with everything. They recommend ordering half a size less if you do not have a wide foot and mention that they are ideal for people who spend a lot of time standing or walking.

6. Adidas Questar

You can find this tennis model in many different colors, adapting to your style. They are made of woven fabric, which lets you breathe and adjusts to your foot, with the 3 Adidas straps on the side. In addition to its high base with technology Cloudfoam and its internal ortolith insole, highlights the position of the eyelets for the cords that make this model very original.

This is one of the cheapest models, with a price less than $ 50 and a good rating on Amazon. Clients highlight this model for its great style and comfort, ideal for sports and also to use in your daily life. They mention that they have a perfect fit and that they are also very good for people with wide feet.