Take care of your skin with natural ingredients and components.

The facial skin is very delicate reason why using treatments in it is of utmost importance since it is necessary to choose with great care what we apply to prevent irritations or spots that generate other types of disease. One of the most wanted treatments for girls to have smooth and hydrated skin is to use the almond soap that has special natural properties for delicate skin and all kinds of dermis. So that you take only the best with you, we recommend these six types of soaps with almond extract that rejuvenates your face and you will be delighted.

1. Bar soap with almonds oil

There are four bars of soap that you can find in this set that has been made with a traditional French formula with combinations of vegetables, all with special ultra hydrating skills. It does not contain any type of allergenic agents.

Enjoy these soaps that have a delicious aroma because they are made from argan and almond oil with shea butter and coconut oil, which will give your skin the softness and smoothness that you like.

2. Set for dry skin mixed with almond oil

This soap is extra soft because it has been made with almond oil, oats and ingredients that help tone, cleanse, hydrate and soften the skin of the face. Each bar is free of sulfates that cleanse and leave skin shiny.

Keep your face clean and give it the care it requires in order to have a healthy dermis. Apply this soap at least twice daily. When waking up in the morning and before going to sleep, to always have a clean face with a divine smell.

3. Soap scrub with ground almond shells

A small but spectacular soap that contains properties that will give your skin the best of contributions so that it looks fresh and smooth. This soap has the function of exfoliating the skin of the face, hands and any rough areas of the body.

It has been formulated with crushed almond shells. Soap leaves skin soft and very clean, creating a delicate foam when mixed with water. Just rub and rinse to get the desired results.

4. Oatmeal and almond soap for dry skin

A soap with nutritional properties that leave your skin with a divine aroma. Comes in a presentation of two elaborate bars with botanical oats and almonds that hydrate and revitalize the skin.

Among the properties of almond oil, is that of giving softness and exfoliating the skin, so you will have a healing experience that will leave your face fresh and smooth. When you use it you will feel a creamy texture that has assets ready to leave the skin super clean.

5. Liquid soap pure almond

Designed with shea butter, this soap is made of almonds with essential oils that bring a series of benefits for the skin. It does not have artificial colors, parabens or sulfates.

Enjoy an exquisite aroma and softness on the skin of your face with this liquid soap designed especially for you. Comes in a practical container with splash system so you can apply it directly on the desired area.

6. Himalaya bar soaps for skin

This presentation of soaps especially for facial skin has been formulated with almond oil and sweet aromas that revitalize the skin and hydrate it, leaving it rejuvenated.

This set comes in a pack of four bars of soap that you can use at any time of the day, to wash and leave the skin of your face fresh. It is ideal for all types of dermis.