Being in control of the time in your daily work will always be of vital importance so that you can fulfill the list of activities that you have proposed for the day. But sometimes we get so focused on what we are doing that we pass the time and stop doing other tasks and we might even forget to go on a date with a special person. So you are on time at all times, wrist watches are always an excellent choice, especially if they are from the brand Anne Klein, that offers you modern and feminine designs perfect for all occasions; And best of all, you can have them for less than $ 50.

1. Stainless steel watch classic style

The detail of this piece is the stainless steel bracelet with a push and slide closure that fits and fits well. It has a round dial in the center with a pink tone on the edge, it has an analog display with quartz movement and gold-tone hands.

With this watch you will definitely be up to date with every activity that you propose for the day. It is a nice accessory that you can combine with all kinds of outfits that you want to take on your journey. In addition, it is an exquisite jewel that you will wear with pride and elegance.

2. Mother of pearl watch and diamond

With this beautiful jewel you can be aware of the time you have in your day to day. Has been designed by renowned artist Anne Klein, making it a unique and high quality specimen. It measures 34 mm and is made up of a metal case with a mineral dial and a Japanese quartz movement.

This watch is completely waterproof so on your beach or pool days you can take it with you. It is a shade of pink with gold that gives it a divine touch of elegance and that allows you to use it for any special occasion.

3. Gold watch with leather strap

With this beautiful champagne dial watch you will be aware of all your schedules and commitments for the day. This jewel has been designed with stainless steel and japanese quartz movement with analog dial. Its leather band has a buckle closure.

It is a very elegant model that you can use in your day to day combining it with your favorite looks and wearing a special and elegant touch in your hand. It is resistant to water and external agents such as the sun or rain.

4. Slim watch on rose gold

This creation by the American designer represents a nice bracelet style watch in pink with gold tone that makes it unique and beautiful. It has a unique diamond inside its dial just where it marks 12 o’clock with three pointers that rotate plus a brooch with a touch of jewelry.

This is a watch with unique and very elegant details for whoever uses them. You will definitely take a piece that will keep you up to date with the schedules to follow for each activity you do in your daily work.

5. Wristwatch with leather strap

A beautiful piece of jewelry. The box comes in a gold tone and black tone leather strap, ideal to combine with any type of outfit in your day to day.

It represents a great accessory for you to wear in your hands wherever you want and because of its design, you can wear it with any style of clothing that because it combines with everything from formal to casual.

6. Analog clock in two tones

Definitely this is a very chic piece and that you should wear on those special occasions for you. This watch has been created with stainless steel material and has a high pressure slide closure that makes it super secure. Its dial has an analog display with three constantly moving hands and gold-tone Roman numerals.

You can bring this gem to cocktails, parties, weddings, baptisms and other formal meetings. Wearing this piece is being accompanied by the best ally who will tell you when it is time to arrive and when it is time to leave.

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