Release the pain and tension of your body with these massagers.

The neck and back tend to contract after long days of job accumulating tension in the cervical area, where the strong emotions of our body are generated precisely. Therefore, it is important to keep our muscles relaxed to avoid emotionally related injuries and illnesses, and so that this does not happen, we show you the best options for massagers back and neck so you can relax at home after a tiring day of work.

1. Back massager automatic

This specimen has 8 massage heads deep and designed with heating to massage fatigued muscles. It has a three-speed bi-directional control.

It is ideal to relax and relieve muscles when they feel tense. His design covers the contour of the body focusing on the areas of ailments that will leave you feeling renewed.

2. Shiatsu pillow heat

This pillow comes with four rolling deep massage nodes for the cervical neck, shoulders, back and legs. Provides a heating of up to 40ยบ C.

The pillow was created to give a integral massage comfortably due to its ergonomic shape that adapts very well to the neck, relaxing until you fall asleep on your bed.

3. Neck massager wireless

Wireless portable design it has 8 massage nodes plus two more on each side with silicone rollers for a better massage, providing heat to the affected muscles, and you can control the speed according to your preference.

This massager will relieve your stress day after day after a tiring day and you can use it in the comfort of your home or even in the office.

4. Massager with heat therapy

If you have cervical ailments, this massager is ideal for you because it consists of 8 nodes of bidirectional rotation with mode of warm up therapy and with 3 adjustable intensity levels.

With a premium quality breathable mesh it is easy to use and it will give you comfort when you use it when you get home from work, with only 15 minutes that will leave you refreshed.

5. Massage pillow multifunctional

With 4 rotating nodes this model mimics the pressure and kneading movements of a deep massage. It has a button that controls the power and heating function, it also has adjustable straps for greater flexibility.

It helps you improve circulation and soothes your body muscles, with just use it 20 minutes the day to leave you like new and without ailments, ready to start the job the next day.

6. Shiatsu massager electric

This model is presented with 8 shiatsu massage heads that adapt to the contour of the body focusing on specific areas you want to deal with.

You can control this piece with three speed modes for a better experience at home, in the car or in the office.