A piece of furniture that will be very helpful in the organization and decoration of your home.

If you are a lover of reading, the safest thing is that you are always getting books new to build your collection. The problem is that they take up a lot of space and when the number begins to grow, you should look for where to store them so that an environment of chaos does not form on any surface of your house. So don’t miss these practical booksellers for less than $ 100 that are exclusively designed to fit any decor, as the books In addition to giving you reading moments, they also function as decorative objects.

1. Bookcase melamine wood

It is a bookcase made with melamine coated wood and edges with a smooth finish that hides the screws and provides elegance. And for its assembly, it has two anchoring devices so that they are kept in one place.

Its design offers five independent levels Holds up to 33 lbs. In addition, it comes in a compact size that guarantees greater versatility and comfort in the space of any room.

2. Bookcase with metal frame

It is a 24 by 65 inch metal frame bookcase with wood paneling that support a weight of up to 12 pounds each. It has reinforced bars to protect each item and remains stable.

This furniture offers a classic structure that you can install on three, four or five levels depending on the height of the items you are going to organize. It also has a portable design that adapts to any decoration and it doesn’t take up much space.

3. Bookcase oak rorstatic

It is a bookstore with dimensions of 45 by 19 inches that are divided into five open shelves strong oak. In addition, it is a compact design that requires no assembly or tools.

Its design offers a rustic finish that gives it a vintage style, which makes it easily adaptable to any office or home decoration. Although best of all, it doesn’t take up much space, so you can organize your books in a corner and even in a hallway.

4. Bookcase folding iron

This bookcase has a matching black iron frame with four MDF wood shelving easy to assemble; you just have to open the frame and place the divisions without tools. Its dimensions are 24 by 49 inches.

Each shelf offers 12 inches of spaceThis allows you more storage for items such as books, plants or decorative objects. Best of all, you can easily fold it up when you’re not using it.

5. Book with MDF shelving

It is a bookcase that has a robust metal construction with MDF boards, which can support a weight of up to 110 pounds. It also has a X-shaped design at the rear to be able to fix the shelf to the wall and prevent it from moving or deforming.

It is a support of multipurpose storage With open shelves that provide enough space for books, multimedia devices and even plants, this guarantees you less clutter and offers you more space in your home.

6. Bookcase with closed shelves

This wooden bookcase features a closed shelf design with open cubicles, which have a 33 pound load capacity. Its dimensions are 34 by 37 inches.

Likewise, each board has a plated surface that resists scratches and makes cleaning easier. Without a doubt, it is a design that achieves a perfect combination between the rustic and the modern, especially if you use it to store books and souvenirs.