An essential accessory for every stylish man.

Be connected with him weather It is of utmost importance to be able to keep up with our personal and work agendas, so having a watch That it indicates the precise moments to carry out a task or activity is vital for many people. The clock in addition to recording the hours of the day, also gives a touch of elegance or chic depending on the look and the style, who takes it. And that’s why this time we are going to recommend the six best brand watches Burei for men.

1. BUREI: Stainless steel mesh watch

This watch is classic Nordic in design, has a dark gray brass dial with Japanese quartz and analog date display. It has a band of stainless steel mesh adjustable wrist comfort.

This model can be used every day, because it combines with any style and is rain splash resistant.

2. BUREI: Watch with leather strap

This watch has a very elegant style, it is made on its dial with very thin Japanese quartz. Has a Leather strap marrĂ³ n with sapphire and stainless steel lens.

The watch is suitable for any occasion, and has hypoallergenic propertiesResistant to scratches and water, making it ideal for the dynamic man.

3. BUREI: Military style watch

Inspired by the military lifestyle, this watch has a round green dial with luminous hands, a date display and a brand emblem. Has a analog display and a leather strap with canvas cover and buckle closure.

It is a beautiful piece that can wear any man with intense activities during the day, especially athletes or those who do military life.

4. BUREI: Classic style chronograph watch

This classic men’s watch has Japanese quartz movement and is stainless steel with a sapphire crystal lens. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to corrosion and water.

The model It is elegant and it goes with the style of every man who likes to make a difference in his appearance and stand out wherever he comes.

5. BUREI: Stainless steel watch and sapphire lens

This model is a classic for gentlemen, it has ultra precise movement of Japanese quartz. Its analog dial with indicator light and date on the screen. It is made of anti-scratch sapphire crystal with a stainless steel band.

It is a unique and very elegant piece for every man who has an exquisite taste for the jewelry he wears. Fits the formal styles.

6. BUREI: Luxury watch with diamond markers

This watch does not require a battery and gives the time in its precise time, because it works with the natural movement of the arm. This jewel has a sapphire lens, resists scratches, and is stainless steel. On its face it has hour markers with inlaid diamonds.

A classic watch with unique style. Ideal for men who are comfortable with luxury pieces and that their lifestyle is the same.

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