Many times when we go to a long road trip we have a hard time dealing with it luggage it does not fit in the trunk of the car; Therefore, it is best to use a cargo bag that is easy to handle, to distribute its weight and that can be attached to the roof bars or doors through its safety straps. Below, we detail a variety of styles practical and functional that protect your belongings from the elements throughout the duration of the tour, so you can take everything you want to this new adventure without worrying about space.

1. Cargo bag AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics cargo bag made with material that provides protection against dust, rain and wind. Comes with adjustable 8-inch straps for easy connection to vehicle roof bars. Includes carrying case.

It also has a storage space of up to 15 cubic feet, allowing you and your family to carry your luggage comfortably. In addition, its strong seams and compact pleats guarantee stability and security to avoid accidents during the journey.

2. Universal cargo bag LED Kingdom

We present you a universal cargo bag that is weatherproof thanks to its double-stitched material, velcro closure and waterproof SBS zipper that does not generate noise while the car is in motion. It has a capacity of 20 cubic feet.

Likewise, it has adjustable straps for doors and windows that they are durable and protect your car from scratches. So if you are planning to make a move or a road trip, this may be the safest option for your luggage.

3. Canvas cargo bag with protective mesh

It is a cargo bag designed with an updated version of pressed canvas and lined with waterproof fabric, as well as with long straps and sturdy buckles to secure your belongings during the trip.

It is the best option to facilitate the adventure and guarantee safety while you travel the miles through the wind, rain and sun. But also, it has a Protective mesh that protects your car from scratches.

4. Luggage rack from nylon laminate

It is a luggage rack for all vehicles with rack which is made of laminated nylon to protect your luggage from rain and dust; as well as straps that keep you safe regardless of the road.

It is a waterproof bag that offers 15 cubic feet of storageThis allows you to store all your luggage while you venture to the beach, the park or any destination that requires increasing the cargo space easily and safely.

5. Canvas cargo bag super tough

Waterproof cover made of non-toxic and resistant materials that works in vehicles with or without a rack grill, which facilitates its installation and potability. This Available in black and gray.

It also features a mat so you don’t have to worry about ruining your ceiling paint anymore, and adjustable straps that remain in place throughout the journey. This is perfect for families or athletes to store all their belongings without taking up space inside the vehicle.

6. Cargo bag with safety straps

It is a transport bag designed with waterproof material for safe and fire sealing; while its three-sided zipper adapts to extreme conditions. Includes protective mat.

Best of all, it’s an easy piece to install on the roof of any car with the help of its 16.8-pound safety straps and metal buckles that achieve resist the journey through any road.