The way to have your phone battery 100% while driving.

It is normal that while driving you want to use your phone to use GPS, make calls or to perform other tasks. The problem appears when the battery is flat and you don’t have the power to charge your cell phone safely. For this reason, devices have been created to help you with this obstacle, such as those shown below, which allow you to have your battery always charged while you are on the road.

1. Wireless support with protective

It is a stand charger made of plastic, aluminum and silicone for added protection. It comes with a novel design that offers fast charging thanks to batteries between 10W to 7.5 W. The package includes the charger, the clip for ventilation and the USB cable.

Your phone will continue to charge even when the car is turned off and keeps it in place without risk. In addition, it has advanced technology that prevents your phone from overheated.

2. Charger with coating of aluminum

It is a charger for mobile devices with Loading capacity 24W to 4.8A. Designed in a practical size with sturdy aluminum material that protects your interior from drops. The device has 2 connector ports.

With this design you can connect up to two units in your vehicle without any difficulty. The advantage of this product is that it has a technology that protects your devices from shorts and guarantees the safety of your phone battery.

3. Double port USB with polycarbonate body

It is a 4.8A 2-outlet car charger that is designed with polycarbonate layers to prevent overheating. Similarly, his internal system Protects your phone from overloads and short circuits.

It has 2 quick-identification ports that will automatically pause once charging is complete. In addition, it is a practical charger with a design compact and durable that you can take with you wherever you want.

4. Universal port with circuit protection

It is a car charger with 2 universal ports of 5.4A and one of 30W that offers a capacity of fast charge. It was reinforced with maximum durability flexible springs for added protection against short circuits.

It is an accessory for your vehicle that can charge up to 3 devices at the same time and continue to offer you great performance. It is designed to provide fast charging without causing overheating in your ph

5. Base wireless with touch sensor

This wireless charger comes with touch detection, an automatic loading system and a support that can rotate 360ยบ. In addition, it has 10W capacity with C interface, overload protector and a system compatible with most devices.

It is a fast charging accessory that will provide comfort, thanks to its flexible arms which prevent damage to your device or mishaps by automatically detecting your ph

6. Device with ports fast charge

This charger has fast charging capacity through its 18W and 2.4A type ports USB. Its integrated protector automatically interrupts the process once the device is charged, this guarantees greater protection against short circuits and overheating.

It guarantees the safety of 3 devices that are connected to it. You can fully charge any device in as little as 35 minutes including phones, tablets, or other devices with USB connectors.