Through the generations, human beings have used symbols of ancient cultures to attract good luck to our lives and that those energies of the ancestors invade the present to fill us with courage and a serene attitude. The celtic amulets they are one of those favorite symbols to eliminate negative energies and attract fortune and luck. Take a look at these models and choose your favorite:

1. Silver necklace with Celtic knot


Created in 925 silverThis 18cm long chain has a Celtic knot pendant with a copper metal seal that was added to stabilize the silver.

Celtic knots represent the infinite paths of eternity in love, faith, loyalty and friendship; when you take it with you you will carry this ancestral value.

2. Celtic knot in owl shape

This beautiful snake design chain weighs 3.8 grams and its Celtic owl pendant. 925 silver plated.

By wearing this beautiful charm, you will have with you a deep connection to wisdom Intuitive to the animal spirit of the owl, as well as inspiration and guidance to explore the magic of life.

3. Celtic knot Irish

This beautiful necklace with I said in a celtic knot It has been made of nickel, lead and cadmium free silver for allergy sufferers.

Because it is hypoallergenic, this jewel is long-lasting and maintains the health of its wearer; in addition to attracting better energies.

4. Necklace with opal and celtic knot

This beautiful gem brings with it a natural opal stone in the center to attract the best energies, and is complemented by a Celtic knot with ancient wisdom.

This chain has a 18 inch weight And it is comfortable to wear wherever you go, giving a touch of elegance to your outfit because it is made of 925 silver.

5. Necklace with irish celtic cross

Made with stainless steel material, this Irish Celtic Big Cross chain design is sturdy for its high quality workmanship and is of Long duration. Her pendant weighs about 19 grams and is 6.1 centimeters long.

This presentation comes with a velvet gift bag to pamper yourself with this nice detail or to give that special person a present.

6. Pendant celtic knot with blue stone

This piece is light weight and is unique because It’s handmade. It has a Celtic silver symbol with a high quality silver plated chain.

By wearing this chain you can adjust its length and wear it with all kinds of outfits. Due to its design it will give you a touch of elegance and you will attract the best energies to your environment.