Lights to fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

In christmas and new years eve It is customary to receive gifts and share details with close family and friends. At this time of year it is not only essential to decorate with various accessories alluding to the celebration, it is also essential to illuminate the house with quality lights. That is why here we show you some of the best lighting options you can get for less than $ 30 and that will fill your home with magic of christmas.

1. Christmas lights with white wires

Group of 100 white lights transparent connected by an 18-inch cable and 3 ″ connector. It has 2 heat resistant bulbs, as well as 2 extras and 2 spare fuses.

This light set is long lasting to use during many Christmases. They are also useful for special celebrations and are resistant to illuminate internal and external spaces.

Wreath raincoat for outdoors

Some garlands with 100 LED lights that have 8 modes in which you can adjust brightness to adapt it to any occasion. With an output voltage of 31 volts, they are designed to be fireproof.

These lights are perfect for decorating windows, curtains, patios, rooms and not only at Christmas time, but also in special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other events that you want to carry out inside your home or outdoors.

3. Star chain of low voltage

String of lights in the shape of stars White color, made up of 100 high quality and waterproof LED lights that have a length of 10 meters. It has 9 functions in which waves, sequence, slow glow, chase, among others stand out.

This Christmas light set is extensible to a maximum of chains, that is to say up to 1000 lights. It is very energy efficient and long lasting. Ideal for decorating posts, trees, windows, patios, and other spaces.

4. Set of light bulbs multicolored

Composed of 2 extensions of multicolored lights with 300 bulbs that can be fused. Set includes 2 additional bulbs and replacement fuses, as well as 3 flashing lights.

They can be used in exterior and interior according to the modality of the decoration. They are ideal for decorating windows, patios, curtain walls, among other elements alluding to Christmas.

5. Lights with more 20,000 hours of useful life

Set of 100 LED lights with more than 20,000 hours of useful life. They have a transparent cable made of copper and plastic wire, and it has 8 modes which include waves, sequential, slow brightness, flash, slow shutdown, twinkle, among others.

They are totally waterproof and adaptable to any climate, except the power connector that must be kept in a dry place. Ideal for decorating Christmas trees, patios, gardens, terraces, shops and other places.

6. LED string lights balloon shape

Multicolor garland in the form of a globe remote control They have a 33 foot lightweight rope for outdoors and indoors. It has 8 light modes and a timer to enjoy more than 6 hours of power on.

With the remote control it is easy to operate. It can be turned on and off to change lighting mode and settings, allowing you to program the on and rest.

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