The cleaning It is a fundamental factor for the maintenance of your home. Not only to avoid dirt on surfaces, but also to extend the life of our electronics and furniture. A Clean house you always enjoy yourself more and feel more welcoming. That is why this time we show you the best options to keep all corners of your home clean and to keep it clean. always shiny.

1. O-Cedar: floor cleaning kit


Cleaning kit with wringer incorporated, which allows a better cleaning and absorption of dirt on all types of floors. Made of durable microfiber material. Cleans without the need for fabric softeners or bleach.

If you want to remove dirt and stains on your floors, this microfiber it will be neat in a matter of minutes. Practical and functional, you can handle it with great comfort.

2. AmazonBasics: microfiber cloths

Cloths to clean and remove all kinds of dirt on any surface. Made from 90% ultra soft microfiber fabric polyester and 10% polyamide. It can absorb up to eight times its own weight.

This pack of 24 cloths It comes in three different colors: blue, yellow, and white. Each one is made to remove all kinds of impurities on tables, furniture, floors, among others. Practical and resistant.

3. Clorox: high-quality disinfecting wipes

Wipes package disinfectants of 105 units. Each wipe is made with a citrus blend and orange blend formula.

These wipes They are responsible for disinfecting surfaces, removing any traces of dust or dirt that may accumulate. In turn, it will leave a pleasant citrus aroma in the spaces of your home.

4. Windex: glass cleaner

Splash bottle with liquid cleaner glass, glass, windows, among others. It is responsible for removing stains, fingerprints and all traces of dirt that may be accumulated on your glass surfaces.

The formula of this liquid disinfectant It allows to clean with greater reach all types of glass, either in a glass object or in windows, leaving a cleaner appearance and pleasing to the eye.

5. Carbon: 2-in-1 carpet cleaner

Liquid cleaner 2 in 1 Carpet in 27.5 Ounce Bottle. Made to remove accumulated dirt, pet stains and other dirt that may be on the fabric.

This cleaning liquid combines with the additional force of oxygen in a formula Tested to remove strong odors that are often left by pets, bacteria, stains and dust on the floor.

6. Swiffer: multipurpose cleaning brush

Flexible brush, multipurpose and resistant made of microfiber. Each fiber is covered with a material that adheres the dust, thus eliminating traces of dirt on the surfaces.

Made exclusively to trap and block dust even in the smallest spaces of your home. Easy to use and comfortable grip, you can clean from tables, furniture, shelves, windows or doors.