The smartest choice for cold days.

The slip resistant boots at first they were designed for men who were exposed to various hazards in industries and workplaces during the winter, but over time this changed and today many options of this style can be found for women and for many others situations. For winter they are still indispensable for the days of snow and ice, and that is why here we recommend some options that you can use for less than $ 80.

1. Faux fur boots with woven interior

With a style rustic and modernThese boots are made of faux fur and feature a rubber sole and a warm, soft material interior.

It is perfect for daily use during the coldest days of winter or fall. his modern style and feminine will always go well with any type of winter garment.

2. Snow boots with thermal insulator

These snow boots are made with a synthetic lining of braided style and they are grayish towards the top and the darkest bottom. They include a strap that adjusts them to the back of the thigh of the leg.

These booties cover a large part of the legs and are perfect for Cold climates since they have a -25º F thermal insulation, which gives your feet a lot of warmth.

3. Non-slip footwear raincoat

Boots made with 100% leather and rubber sole Dark color with synthetic leather laces and heels. It has a waterproof leather upper and a light sole to provide the best combination of comfort and protection from the cold.

These boots are an innovation in the world of footwear because they have a sealed membrane which added to the other elements provide much more comfort and smoothness when walking. They are flexible, casual and ideal to keep you warm in low temperatures.

4. Design of mid calf

Synthetic sole, leather and textile waterproof and breathable with a padded insole and Thermolite insulation that is capable of withstanding a temperature down to -25 ° F.

This pair of boots provides comfort and is ideal for cold climates thanks to its integrated insulation that maintains a regulated temperature inside. The manufacturing material gives you full permeability of cold air and conserves heat.

5. Suede with synthetic sole

Dark brown suede shoes that include a synthetic sole and round toe. They are made entirely of imitation leather and have a unique design. It has internal padding and shiny metal buckles.

They are perfect to use in the spring. With this pair of boots you can maintain elegance with manufacturing details and features knitted. Padding provides comfort and flexibility.

6. Style military with integrated pockets

Pair of mid-calf cloth boots with a military-designed, non-slip rubber sole integrated pockets. It has a padded insole and light brown color. It has a braid closure and adjustable straps on the back for added protection.

These combat boots have a style innovative and flexible that allows you to keep credit cards or any valuables that you need to have next to you.

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