The Electric stoves They are usually a very practical solution and also take up little space. They only require a power supply and one of its great advantages is the security They provide at all times, all this without counting that they are very easy to clean. With this type of appliance you avoid having to use gas, and you have the option of cooking almost anywhere. That is why this time we show you some options of Electric stoves that you can get for less than $ 100.

1. Electric stove Elite Cuisine

This electric stove with dual configuration, it has flat cooktops made of high quality cast iron and non-stick membranes, as well as temperature controls that can be adjusted. The design of this fixture is light and portable, black in color and also integrates lights that distinguish it in its elegant and refined style.

If you are looking for safety with an electric stove, this product is the ideal one, since the power indicators provide security and stability, as well as confidence, together with the temperature settings for a fast and efficient cooking.

2. Double stove burner Cusimax

This inexpensive stove features cast iron burners and an interior and exterior heating plate. It is highly heat resistant and has temperature adjustment controls as well as non-slip supports with stainless steel, to cook quickly and easily in certified safety conditions and premium quality.

Quality and elegance can never be left aside, that’s why this electric stove has a variety of characteristics that you can combine with any environment. In addition, this product is multipurpose and portable, a small and light size that will allow you to use it anywhere without requiring more efforts.

3. Cusimax stove with burners infrared

This stove has a innovative black design with two high-power infrared burners, which have seven-inch ceramic glass plates. The design is also portable and light for better protection and its temperature controls are resistant and are located in strategic positions for greater security.

This stove is compatible with a wide range of utensils as pots and pans, both metal, aluminum and glass that will heat up in just seconds thanks to infrared burners powered by up to 1800W. It is a safe and durable product, very convenient for you to cook the most exquisite dishes quickly and easily.

4. Burner with non-slip feet Cuisinart

For $ 68.42, this burner two pieces of cast iron It has high resistance non-slip feet, with a power of 1,800 watts that provide fast, safe and effective heating, as well as heat retention during the cooking cycle. It also features premium quality, high-precision adjustable temperature controls and indicator lights for added safety.

This device is ideal for parties, gatherings with friends, family, and for those days when you want to go out to your beach or country house. It is a very practical solution with a brushed stainless steel that will provide you with all the flexibility you require.

5. Electric stove with infrared plates Techwood

This is one economic electric stove and of premium quality, with a beautiful and refined design with infrared heating plates that facilitate cleaning and make cooking directly on the utensil. This $ 68.98 product has temperature regulators at both corners for added safety and a precise control system.

This appliance is perfect for camping, vacation homes and other spaces where you need an easy, simple, portable and flexible tool to make the most delicious and appetizing food. With this stove you can use stainless steel, glass and aluminum utensils.

6. Two electric stove Imusa burners

The Imusa two-burner electric stove features a refined black design as well as rugged, high-precision temperature adjustment dials that provide cooking flexibility. It is compact and portable in size with unique and essential features that fits the smaller and more complex spaces.

This double burner burner has a easy and practical structure that will allow you to use it in internal and external spaces such as gardens and bedrooms. This product can be the ideal appliance for students, workers or people living in confined spaces.