Do you want to fall asleep but the typical hot flashes of the menopause still do not let you sleep soundly at night? There are many methods to avoid this type of discomfort, which are becoming increasingly necessary in order to continue with our daily life in a normal way. There are both medical and homemade options, some more complex and others simpler, as well as the one we show you here, which consists of some options cool and comfortable pajamas that will help you avoid the heat at night so you can rest peacefully and sleep without interruptions.

Pijama eco-friendly fabric

Made with a natural bamboo fabric that offers greater freshness sleeping at night. It stands out for its comfortable, breathable and casual design.

It consists of a soft sleeveless shirt and a plain feminine cut shorts that leaves the legs free and more free when sleeping. Ideal to relax and avoid all kinds of nighttime discomfort.

2. Two-piece pajamas comfortable design

Its natural bamboo fabric is known for being ecological and giving freshness at the same time. This pajama consists of a sleeveless top and breathable round neck, in addition to shorts that are light for everyday use.

This sleeping set is ideal for women with menopauseAs it is extremely cool, soft and loose to wear in the middle of a suffocating night.

3. Cool fabric pajamas with silk details

Sleeping set made with a soft, cool, loose, moisture wicking material. Its satin fabric stands out for being light and comfortable to the touch, ideal for women dealing with hot flashes of menopause.

Easy to wear, as well as being machine washable without any problem. You can also fall asleep more easily thanks to its casual design with short sleeves and breathable fabric.

4. Comfortable pajamas cotton and satin

Made with a high quality satin fabric It stands out for being soft to the touch and light in daily use. The shirt has a V neckline that makes it cooler, while the shorts are baggy and have a comfortable elastic waist.

You can machine wash it in the cold, since this way the fabric lasts longer over time. This pajamas is a cool and soothing option for hot nights caused by annoying menopause.

5. Sleeping set light and comfortable

Stands out for its high-quality fabric made from natural bamboo material, very fresh, soft and ecological.

Soft to the touch, you will feel comfortable at all times when falling asleep more easily, especially since this pajamas helps decrease all kinds of hot flashes and irritability caused by menopause.

6. Pajamas plus size with lace details

Consists of a set of tank top and ones shorts that are cool and nice to wear. They have a delicate lace border that give it a feminine and sensual touch.

Its high quality rayon material makes this pajama one more option comfortable and soft to the touch, especially when menopause causes intense and bothersome hot flashes at night. Ideal for plus size women.