The best drones, for the best prices.

A drone It is a tool widely used in the world to develop different activities that have to do with capturing images and videos of landscapes or places where you cannot reach with a traditional camera. For these same characteristics technological, are usually very expensive; but this time we show you the best models for less than $ 80 that can be found at Amazon:

1. Snaptain: Drone with HD camera

This appliance offers video streaming with 720 pixels in HD, in a range of 80 meters, and saves jobs on the Micro SD card. In its propellers it has protectors that guarantee a safe flight, it is made of ABS material that makes it resistant to falls and with a sensor to adjust the vertical or horizontal position.

The Snaptain Drone will allow you edit videos and images from the iPhone or iPad to be uploaded on social networks. Its ability to maintain safe altitude and constant floating in the air will allow you to capture the best images.

2. WiFi drone with voice control

This drone captures images and videos in HD and the FPV system, which will allow you to view control in the first person of the landscape, and transmission in real time with the built-in WiFi. Includes adjustable angles for 360-degree twists and turns and smart voice control.

This tool represents a good gift or personal acquisition to make the best shots of that special occasion, so you can get high quality images

3. Foldable drone easy to use

This drone has a 720-pixel HD camera with a 120-degree angular lens, capturing images in very real colors in Panoramic views. It has folding blades and FPV and WiFi transmission to transmit in real time.

With the ability to perform a more stable altitude flight, this model is suitable for children use it especially when capturing photos or videos at family gatherings.

4. Drone with stabilization system

This drone has a wireless security system that allows easier flight with 2.4 GHz technology to prevent interference and you will achieve high-quality images for its stabilization system turning with 6 axes.

By acquiring this technological tool you can fly 6 to 8 minutes. For its charge you will need 1 hour and thus use it in a range of 30 to 50 meters away.

5. Portable drone pocket-size

This technological tool has 3 speed modes, in addition to a USB cable to recharge the batteries and an additional one that you can charge without removing the drone from the controller.

Every time you use the drone, you can easily start a takeoff or final landing with the press of a key, as well as capture the best images enjoying this flyer with your family.

6. Mini Drone with WiFi HD FPV camera

With this device you will fly between 30 and 45 meters with time of 8 to 10 minutes. It has a 6-axis twist flight control and a key that you can activate to obtain special 3D effects transmitting live with WiFi and FPV technology.

This drone has the ability to control the flight while maintaining the direction even when you cannot see its location, you will only need a 60-minute charge to obtain the best plans for your project or family activities that will remain for the memory.