An amulet that will fill your home with the best energy.

The elephant With his strong body and powerful limbs he has always been widely used in Feng Shui as a symbol of wisdom, power, fertility, strength, wealth and good luck. So it is very common that they are used in many homes around the world to attract the stability and health of those who live there. For this reason, we present these 5 figures of this powerful animal so that you can attract good energy into your life.

1. Elephant for Jewelry stand

This jewelry holder for hanging rings has a nice design with polyresin that ends with a shiny finish with a diameter of 3 by 4 inches, and on the base a 3-inch open lotus flower.

This decorative piece features a beautiful design that you can place in the bedroom to store your favorite jewelry in the elephant’s trunk, while its symbolism promotes the fidelity and love of couples.

2. Golden elephants for the family

Set of two elephants made of brass, the largest measuring 7 by 6 inches and the smallest measuring 5 by 5 inches. Each piece has on its back a cape engraved with fine golden flowers and shiny stones like representation of good fortune.

It has an antique design with its tubes facing upwards to attract prosperity, success and good luck. Without forgetting that decorating our home with an elephant and its baby is a way of strengthen maternal ties.

3. Hanging ornament with Turkish Eye

It is a beautiful accessory made with metal alloy and shiny imitation crystals blending into a dark blue background. The piece represents through beads and decorations the Nazar symbol, which It is used to block the evil eye.

You can hang it on the wall, window or door or even in the rear-view mirror of the car to ward off the bad and attract good fortune. But also you can use it to be successful on exams, since the elephant is the animal that symbolizes cooking for its prodigious memory.

4. Set of 6 elephants in different positions

Set of 6 elephant statues designed and molded with environmentally friendly and antioxidant resin material. Each of these pieces have their backs studded with shiny stones symbolizing good fortune and happiness.

They are novel models with an exquisite and shiny texture that can be used as an ornament in the living room in the study, kitchen or room to bring harmony to the family, create a suitable environment, reduce pressure and increase performance at work.

5. Elephants with Candle holder

It is a candle holder with a vintage design which is made of polyresin material. The 3-by-2-inch diameter elephant features clean details that match the trunk pointing forward.

This collectible piece can become the key to home decoration, and it is that you can place it in the main entrance, in the living room or in some bedroom, so that bring success and longevity to everyone who lives there.

6. Tower african elephants

Trio of hand-cast African elephants with crushed stone details and a finish UV resistant. In addition, they are hand painted with natural tones as a sign of love for the world of animals.

They represent the three truths of man “they do not listen to evil, they do not see evil, they do not speak evil”, which is a symbolism to bring good luck home and achieve great goals. You can place it on the entrance door, living room or next to the bed.