Nights of placid, deep and beautiful dreams.

A dream Catcher It is an artisanal item that consists of a wooden circle with a mesh in the center, which according to popular belief is used to entangle bad dreams and let only good ones pass, therefore it must be kept in the rooms or on the bed. The dream Catcher they are adorned with seeds, beads or feathers, making it more attractive. If you plan to buy one, here are six options for you to choose yours.

1. 5-ring dream catcher by Caught Dreams

The color combination blue, purple and pink Adds a delicate touch to this dream catcher that is 8.5 inches in diameter by 24 inches long, from which hang small dream catchers and feathers with beads of the same color ranges.

This piece is handmade, ideal to give color to your room and get rid of nightmares, according to belief. If you are looking for an original detail to give to bohemian people, you can opt for a beautiful dream catcher.

2. Dreamcatcher of the Tree of Life

The Jatidne brand has for you this dream Catcher black color and handmade. Inside the circle there is the tree of life, pendants in black, feathers and beads in earth colors. The diameter is eight inches by 31cm long.

Ideal to decorate a space in your home, in your children’s room and even hanging in your vehicle. Due to its range of neutral colors it will perfectly match in any room.

3. Aerwo: Dreamcatcher woven with feathers and ribbons

If you are looking for a bohemian style dream catcher, the AerWo brand is 7.8 inches in diameter by 20 inches long, in beige with ribbon pendants, gold-tipped feathers, tassels and flowers, with two ways of use.

Is delicate piece You can use it in your room, to decorate a party with spring and bohemian style, place it in a special corner of your house and even give a loved

4. Dreamcatcher with led lights from Meticci

Inspired by classic design Native American, the Meticci brand created this 5.9-inch diameter, 17-length ecru dreamcatcher in ecru, with feathers and balls hanging on string and wires. The manufacturer added the sophisticated touch with small led lights that depend on two batteries with a duration of 72 continuous hours.

Ideal for your rooms and use as a delicate lamp. The product comes packed in a craft bag ready to give away.

5. Dreamcatcher powered by quartz

Littlear’s dreamcatcher is crafted with double circleThe largest is 5.1 inches in diameter with its traditional beige fabric inlaid with polished beads or beads. Feathers combined with beads are a mandatory part of this article.

As part of the central pendant it has a smaller hoop inspired by the tree of life woven with energy stones such as white quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, and red agate. Good dreams come in and slide down the feathers, filling with the energy of the stones, while nightmares stay in the net until they fade away.

6. OMA: 3D dreamcatcher

At 30 inches long and 10 inches in diameter, the OMA brand has for you a different version 3D dreamcatcher. Its design is with a large ring, another medium and a small one, with pendants, feathers, mosaics and beads, in addition to small rings with their respective fabrics.

This design is available in seven colors, being an interesting proposal to have in your favorite room or area of ​​your house. If you like pendants, this option is for you.