The celebration of your wedding day begins with the bachelorette party.

A wedding it’s always marked by celebration, and that includes traditional Bachelorette party that you enjoy with your friends and Bridesmaids. It is the perfect opportunity to release the stress of the wedding preparations and enjoy a fun moment between girls. For this reason, today we will recommend 6 fun, unique and spontaneous product ideas that will make your Bachelorette party A day to remember.

1. Identification bands beauty pageant

Fun pack of 7 girdles or tapes bachelorette party. Each ribbon is black in color and has a fun and different phrase with striking gold letters for each bridesmaid.

This set of ribbons to celebrate the bachelorette party includes 7 pins of security, which are responsible for adjusting each tape in the garment of the guests.

2. Decoration set bachelorette party

Assortment set of supplies to celebrate a bachelorette party among several guests. Includes 12 pink balloons, 12 confetti balloons, foil balloons for the bride, bridal sash and paper curtain also in pink.

Ideal celebration package with balloons, curtain and confetti that will make your bachelorette party a special occasion and worth remembering among all the invited ladies.

3. Sunglasses set for bride and courtship

Package of lenses or party glasses with a reason to celebrate a fun bachelorette party. Ideal to make you and your guests look elegant with a very fashion style.

What stands out most about this set of sunglasses is its modern design, which surely all guests will love.

4. Veil with flower headband

Veil bridal to use as a decoration or fun accessory during your bachelorette party. This veil features a bohemian flower crown design, which will stand out super eye-catching throughout the gathering.

This accessory is designed in a crown of nine flowers lined up on an elastic band, which connects directly to the veil piece. The veil measures 18 inches from top to bottom.

5. Can coolers for courtship

Pack of thick bottle sleeves, which work as coolers for drinks. Each sleeve features a bright letter print made in a hot stamping process.

Made of wetsuit. These coolers stand out for their function to maintain the temperature of any beverage. Fresh, bright and smooth.

6. Engagement Ring Pack with LED lights

Fun ring pack luminous, which offer a variety of shades. This set features 10 brightly colored rings and LED lights.

Easy to use, these rings With LED lights they can be adjusted to any finger size. Its duration is up to 4 hours of use. Likewise, each ring has its respective batteries.