The keratin It is one of the products that is most frequently named when talking about care and maintenance of the scalp, specifically when referring to products designed to maintain shine, preserve volume and make hair more manageable. In a more technical aspect, keratin is a protein It is naturally present in the hair, as well as a large percentage of it can be found in the outer layer of the skin, nails and teeth.

It is made up of a fibrous structure, which is in charge of creating hard braids of amino acids such as methionine, cystine and cysteine, specifically located in the deepest part of the hair structure. The kind of hair that we have will depend on the amount of keratin that it has, since this is part of the structure and is responsible for making it curly, wavy or smooth. Likewise, this protein is also responsible for providing color and shine to hair.

When the hair is subjected to chemical treatments, excess sun exposure, pollution or other types of environmental factors, hair loses its natural ability to produce this protein. In this sense, it is necessary to provide extra keratin, through the direct application and following a diet that also stimulates its natural production.

Thus, keratin is responsible for offering a deep hydration to each strand. Also this protein allows the hair to regain its vitality, intensifies shine and helps seal split ends. On the other hand, it is responsible for increasing silkiness thanks to its deep hydration effect, while also allowing control frizz and keep hair under control, making it easy to style and manage.

Finally, keratin is an essential protein for hair that improves the hair health of the manes subjected to chemical procedures such as dyes and discolorations, giving it much more vitality, resistance and elasticity. Thus, we can find different products formulated with special keratin to make an intensive treatment for hair care, such as some of the options that we show you below.

1. Formula Brazilian extra strong


It is a product formulated with professional quality which is responsible for instantly smoothing and smoothing hair for a period of between 4 to 6 months. This treatment it’s advancedQuick and easy to use to straighten, repair, soften, condition and strengthen hair, through intense conditioning that restores the vitality of the mane from the inside out.

Thanks to its incredible results, your hair transforms and will become easy to manage, soft and with a natural vibrant shine. Also, this keratin strengthens each fiber of the scalp with intense conditioning. Eliminates frizz and curl, promotes hair repair, blocks the effects of external factors and is ideal for use on all types of hair.

2. Conditioner Deep


This is a unique deep conditioning intensive hair mask that has been formulated through a combination of keratin, argan oil, natural herbal extracts and vitamins, all this in a powerful mask with a creamy texture. Provides deep conditioning for dry hair, damaged hair and even fine and normal hair.

With its frequent use, this mask is responsible for smoothing, repairing and strengthening the cuticles of your hair and the scalp. In this way your hair is transformed into a finer, manageable, flexible and silky extension. Its volumizing protein is also responsible for thickening hair, providing volume, intense hydration and flexibility to make it easier to handle.

3. Treatment Professional with keratin


It is an advanced, fast and easy to use keratin treatment that is responsible for smoothing, repairing, conditioning and strengthening instantly hair. This conditioner restores vitality by repairing the hair from the inside out and making each of its fibers more elastic, flexible and soft with a naturally vibrant shine. Results last 3-9 months.

With this original formula, your hair turns into new hair that is easier to manage, keep smooth, dry quickly and be easy to comb. Thanks to its content, it can be safely used on any type of mane. It is an excellent option to hydrate and restore hair in depth, from the inside and each of the fibers for a deep renewal.

4. Serum Keratin Oxidized


It is one of the best professional hair care products. It uses oxidized keratins that better stimulate cell production and healing, also helping to increase collagen production. Also, its formula contains keratin proteins, peptides and unique amino acids that quickly penetrate hair cells.

It is ideal for all hair types, whether it is straight, curly, dry, oily, thick or fine hair. With this treatment you have the security that your hair will always be protected against climatic factors, the water gives the pool or the ocean and air pollution. It is responsible for restoring its natural vitality to your hair, giving you results worthy of a beauty salon.

5. Natural Formula Keratin

It has been expertly formulated to restore, nourish and strengthen hair. This professional treatment mask contains keratin protein that works as soon as it is applied to hair. It is responsible for rebuilding and restoring the structure of the hair, to renew elasticity, shine and softness. Helps provide extra moisture and detangle strands.

With this mask you can also improve the smoothing effects and maintain it for 3 times more. It is responsible for increasing the durability and strength from hair strands to breakage, heat and harsh chemicals. It is also ideal for protecting and conditioning hair when you are continually subjecting it to the heat of irons and dryers.

6. Repairing serum For the hair


Contains in its formulation whey protein, wheat germ, vitamin E, argan oil and keratin, ingredients that deeply hydrate and nourish hair. It is designed to rejuvenate especially dry hair, damaged and weakened by the environment, by chemical products or by constant exposure to direct heat given off by dryers or flat irons.

Leaves your hair clean and silky, without feeling heavy or oily, resulting in soft, hydrated and shiny hair from the inside. It is suitable to be used by all hair types. A solution to maintain each hair fiber always healthy, strengthened and easy to handle.