The latest in intimate hygiene products at an affordable price.

When we talk about intimate hygiene of women, it is common that this may be a taboo subject that we sometimes overlook not only in the conversation between ladies, but also with health professionals who in many cases need to be aware of this type of information . It is natural that many women answer with complete security that keeps all parts of your body clean; however this is not as simple as it might seem.

The intimate parts are one of the most important areas of women and therefore require special attention and products Suitable for treating the skin’s surface and especially when thoroughly cleaning the genitals and the area around them. Is that the hygiene It is not just an act of washing with soap and a sponge, this requires a meticulous routine that promotes the good smell and health of the intimate area.

Many women have lived with the belief that genital health is achieved during the shower using their regular soap bath and water, but not so. Everything takes a process, since each part of our body requires the use of certain creams, soaps, moisturizers, scrubs and any specific hygiene product to treat each specific place, in order to give us a dermis fresh and well cared for.

In our culture it has become customary for women to give much more importance to caring for Private parts than men themselves. The truth is both genders They should pay equal importance with regard to the care and maintenance of the genitals, as a safe method for sexual well-being when living with a partner.

In any case, intimate hygiene must be combined with visits to specialists such as gynecologist. Some important tips you should know about caring for that part, is for example the reduction of uses of daily protectors Since these usually contain chemicals that can cause allergies and alter the natural pH of your area, in addition to reducing ventilation in the area, which increases the risks of contracting an infection.

Specialists recommend the use of underwear made of cotton, eliminate the use of vaginal douches since they destroy the vaginal flora, keep that area with pubic hair and do not use very tight clothes. There are many recommendations and below we can share one of them. Check these 6 products for hygiene of your intimate parts at the time of going to get washed.

1. Intimate soap of sweet scent

This is a great product for cleaning the intimate area of ​​women. It has been created with a delicious sweet or floral aroma that will undoubtedly leave a pleasant smell in that special place for you while giving freshness and a clean feeling all day. It is highly recommended by specialists such as gynecologists and dermatologists for its hypoallergenic properties and its low pH concentration that guarantee well-groomed skin, in addition to providing a load of vitamin E that promotes delicate and soft-touch skin.

If you like these characteristics, it is important to keep in mind that you can find this product in 3 presentations with different aromas such as the one offered by peach blossom, white jasmine or spring lilac. Remember that the hydration of the skin to avoid sensitivity in the area or skin irritation.

Cleaning soap 5 in 1

It is a product specially formulated to treat the intimate area. It does not contain perfume and its ingredients reduce bad odors, keeping that part of the body clean and with a pleasant fresh sensation that lasts for several hours. Some strong odors are generated by bacteria on the genitals, and this soap is created to remove any odor caused by them. Help to control pH of the area and is free of dyes and parabens.

A product that offers 5 benefits in one, since it is a fragrance-free product that removes bad odors, balances your pH, is free of strong chemicals and keeps cool for the whole day. It is recommended by gynecologists, due to its hypoallergenic characteristic that gives you the possibility of using it daily.

3. Splash for washing the intimate area

This splash for feminine intimate hygiene use will be a great alternative to traditional soaps. This formula has been mixed with essential oils which are derived from natural ingredients such as coconut and sea salt that are products of properties and benefits for your skin. Sliquid Splash is a neutral pH solution designed for the maintenance and care of women’s intimate areas.

A rich smell will remain in you at the same time that you care for and protect your genitals every time you go to the shower. It is a treatment that provides cleanliness and freshness for the rest of the day. Remember, it is very important that you are always in contact with your gynecologist who will guide you in the use of these kind products for your skin.

4. Genital washing for sensitive skin

Sebamed is an ideal product for feminine intimate cleansing that has aloe barbadensis extracts, an ingredient that seeks to stabilize the humidity in that area of ​​the body making it healthier by putting protective barriers for bacteria. This product helps prevent infections due to its high content of aloe vera that restores and heals the skin.

One of the benefits that you can obtain when using this cream is the softness that your skin will acquire, which will be more balanced. Due to its good elements, it is widely recommended to be used diary, especially when going to the tub and doing your body cleansing ritual.

5. Eliminator concentrated bacteria

This shower cream cleans your intimate area very well, providing a particularly pleasant feeling of freshness on summer days, keeping your skin and pH balanced throughout the day. It is free of parabens and artificial colors. It’s a product hypoallergenic which gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.

A good ally that allows you to maintain healthy and neat skin when going for a bath, respectively hydrating the skin to start or continue your day. Best of all, you will feel renewed and safe that you have a healthy intimate z

6. Formula for the wash of the private parts

Ideal to use in the daily washing of the female intimate area because it is made with secret herbs from the east, rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It can be used by both men and women to remove skin from bad smells and it will treat your dermis very well.

It will make you feel comfortable, fresh and always clean at all times. This will be a good ally for cleaning your genitals and it is highly recommended for daily use.

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