What you need for a quiet and restful night of rest.

Yes in your room There is not enough air flow, it is very likely that in a matter of days, dust, germs and bacteria particles will start to accumulate, which can cause multiple allergy reactions. To avoid this, it is important to clean every corner of the room including the bed, which is where we spend the most time. exist hypoallergenic covers designed to protect our mattress from mites, mold, dirt and dust. Here we will present 6 blankets that will improve your quality of life.

1. Soft waterproof cover

It is a mattress cover made of organic cotton and a padded waterproof layer that protects your mattress from liquids and stains. Available in 4 different sizes.

You will have a optimal rest and you will wake up the next day with your nose clear and no itchy throat. You can easily machine wash and dry it, plus it includes an extensive 10-year warranty.

2. Safe cover for the whole family

It has been approved by the FDA and qualified by specialists as one of the best high quality protectors. It has a very soft cotton surface pleasant to the touch, making it very safe for children and pets.

It will protect your mattress from dead cells, bacteria, dust mites and germs that are in the environment and can cause diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or eczema.

3. Mattress protector with cover adjustable

It has been designed in 6 sizes that allow you to adjust the measurements of mattresses of individual size up to california king. It is a cover made of cotton and polyester, fabrics that are highly breathable and waterproof.

You will enjoy a more pleasant sleep at night, also its adjustable covers allow you move freely without the cover moving from its position.

4. Case insect proof

PlushDeluxe offers this protective mattress cover for White color. It is a 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic piece that has a technology that repels insects and dust mites.

It is a safe cover to use in children’s rooms or house with pets. With this cover you will enjoy a life free of allergies and more relaxed.

5. Protector for your nice mattress touch

This cover is characterized by its soft and padded fabric that is very pleasant to the touch. It has been developed with air flow for greater comfort. This product is completely PCV and vinyl free.

It will provide complete protection to your mattress and its breathable fabrics are ideal for absorbing moisture. A mattress protector designed to prevent fungal overgrowth they can cause disease.

6. Comfortable cover Long duration

Cover with waterproof qualities that is resistant to water, sweat and stains. Made from soft hypoallergenic cotton with corners that adapt to security to the shape of your mattress.

Unlike other covers and protective covers, this one stands out for its high-quality materials that allow you to wash it multiple times without fear of damage. In addition, the company PlusDeluxe includes 10 years guarantee for you to fully enjoy this hygienic mattress protector.