Have a really creepy party without overspending.

October is the month of Halloween, one of the most anticipated celebrations for both children and adults; and like any holiday, it is a good opportunity to share with friends and decorate your home with decorations add a fun touch and turn your house into a place of terror. The most important thing is to never forget that to achieve a good decoration it is not necessary to spend a fortune, and we show you here with these 6 cheap ideas for your Halloween party.

Toothpick to decorate appetizers

These fine toothpicks to decorate Halloween-themed snacks are made from a sturdy plastic and features festive pumpkin, ghost, bat, and spider designs.

Each package has 6 decorative toothpicks with the theme of Halloween night ideal for home meetings. Characters are just the right size to garnish bite-size appetizers.

2. Decorative lace with cobweb design

A gloomy black festive tablecloth with a cobweb design that has its own decorative lace. The lace can work as a blanket or cover for your furniture.

Perfect to decorate the fireplace, door or any piece of furniture with its fun and original cobwebs pattern. This cloak has a comfortable and practical size that allows you to store it without taking up too much space.

3. Decoration kit for Halloween parties

This package includes Halloween-themed party supplies with celebration-themed parties. The kit includes balloons, tablecloths, banners, mini posters with a pumpkin design, masks, party hats, hanging skeletons and much more.

Halloween has a lot of very iconic symbols and they are all properly represented in every item in this game of decor.

4. Decorative garlands of hanging knives

These decorative garlands have a fun design in the form of knives, scissors and objects sharp somewhat terrifying. Each piece is dotted with a dark red, non-toxic pigment that resembles bloodstains.

The complete banner has a total of 32 assorted figures that complement any Halloween decoration. The article has a heavy duty rope 7.5 feet.

5. Decorative balloon with spider design

A big, colorful and fun balloon shaped like a cartoon spider For all kinds of Halloween-themed party or event. The body of the balloon is adorned with 8 plasticized strips that give it more stability and resistance.

A huge spider made of plastic and Scotch tape resistant. You can place it in any space you have available in your house since it adheres well to walls, ceiling or even curtains.

6. Candles with led lights

There are 24 led lamps shaped like candles that have batteries included. Each candle has a shine that you can easily adjust to create the atmosphere you want.

The highlight of this game decorative candles With LED lights is your ability to light up any room. Use them for your Halloween party and give your home a true afterlife atmosphere.

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