Trends in decor and interior design are always changing, which is why we often feel the need to renovate our home to make it look more modern, functional or simply more beautiful. The problem with this is that renovations are usually very expensive and complicated; This is why a good alternative for this is to focus on small decorative objects that can enhance the overall look of the spaces, and create changes in the environment without having to invest too much money. Take a look at these options for less than $ 20 that you will surely love:

1. Mini ceramic pots for $ 9.90

This pair of small pots is made in white ceramic and have a wooden base. They are the ideal size for succulent plants or any small fern.

A decorative detail simple and minimalist It will look great on your desk, dining room, or anywhere in your home.

2. Tassel pendant of yarn for $ 12.99

It is a simple but very flirty pendant, which can enhance any wall you need a touch of color. It is available in gray or pink scale.

Perfect for decorating a wall or even hanging on a window. They move freely in the wind and provide a boho style to your spaces.

3. Soap dispensers for the bathroom for $ 11.99

This pair of soap and lotion dispensers for the bathroom they have an elegant appearance that will go perfectly with any decoration, especially a minimalist or modern

They are two plastic bottles that simulate glass for a more sophisticated look. You can fill them with your favorite soap or lotion and have them next to your sink.

4. Scented candles for $ 11.99

This set of 4 scented candles come in small sealed cans that you can take with you anywhere. Is it so finely decorated and emanate delicious fragrances of natural flowers.

These candles can be used both as decoration for their colorful design, and also to enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy session thanks to its fragrances.

5. Macramé hanging shelf for $ 16.99

Ideal for hanging plants or all kinds of decoration, this shelf is made with a super strong macrame fabric and a light wooden base.

You can hang it from the ceiling or from a window, and thus you will have an excellent way of save space while you display your plants in all their splendor.

6. Cover with geometric pattern for cushion for $ 1.19

Available in 9 different designsThese cushion covers are ideal to add a striking touch of color to your living room or room in a very simple and economic way.

If you want to stand out on the sofa, armchair or even your bed, these cushion covers are an excellent option. Best of all, you can use them with your old cushions, so you will not have to overspend.