Mirrors will be your best allies to enlarge and decorate your spaces.

The Mirrors they have always been an element that adds beauty to our spaces; In addition to being one of the first objects that you use when waking up in the morning to get ready before going to work, and even many have it in the entrances of their homes as a method of rejecting negative energies. That is why this time we show you the best 6 floor mirrors more modern for you to decorate your home to a low cost.

1. Art Leon: Dressing mirror

This mirror is multifunctional It will also serve as a coat rack and an ideal place to rest your shoes. It is 59 inches tall by 11 inches wide, and is positioned on a metal frame that supports up to 22 pounds.

The piece will provide you with a full view of your image and it will be suitable for those who love to try different wardrobe options, since you can support your clothes in it.

2. Naomi Home: Mosaic-framed mirror

This beautiful design is full length to rest on the floor of the room and provides a full view of the body. Leaning on a durable wood frame with a cover on the back of craft paper that simulates mosaics.

The Naomi Home mirror It has an ornate style that makes your spaces look elegant. It can be placed vertically or horizontally by tilting on the wall, adapting it to your taste and style.

3. NeuType: Mirror with aluminum frame

This beautiful design is 65 inches wide by 22 inches long. This made of antioxidant aluminum and a security system that does not allow the glass to break making it more secure.

The mirror can be adapted to various spaces in your house such as the main room, the hallway or the living room, it will always be beautifying every place where you are.

4. Homegear: Mirror and organizer

The presentation of this beautiful accessory for your home is multifunctional since the mirror has shelves inside to store your perfumes, creams and jewelry. Made with 90 ring holders and 48 hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets has a wide space for your comfort.

This lockable mirror which includes keys for greater security of your clothes, you can buy it to place it in your room giving it a special touch of elegance.

5. Naomi Home: Mirror with floor stand

With a versatile presentation that makes it simple but modern, it has a Ergonomic design with a synthetic wood frame that gives it more durability and an integrated easel for greater support.

This mirror of very elegant touches It was built to last over time and will make your spaces the most sophisticated places.

6. Onxo: Mirror with aluminum bracket

Measuring 65 inches tall by 22 inches wide, this mirror will give you a Full view of your spaces. It has a support to rest on the ground and is made of antioxidant aluminum.

It represents a good option for decorate your home spaces, including bathrooms, rooms or lounges.