Achieve a magical atmosphere, worthy of a love story.

The day of our wedding It is one of the most important moments in the life of any person, and it deserves a celebration in style. An excellent option to host the event is to fresh air, especially when we are in the spring or summer season. The decoration and the illumination are essential factors for any party, and this time we show you the best ideas for to illuminate receiving your outdoor wedding:

LED candles flameless


The 3 volt electric lights can be used with batteries, and they will provide you more than 100 hours of light. Their size makes them easy to access to cup holders and candle holders.

These decorative candles are ideal for decorating important events like wedding ceremonies and others. Can be wear outdoors and they are easily replaced.

LED lights garland star-shaped

This game is made up of 40 LED lights Low power consumption, warm white with star shape. It requires only three AA batteries and has an on-off button with a blink option for bright, dynamic light.

LED string lights star shape you can use it outdoors or inside spacious rooms that will give a super special romantic shine to your marriage ceremony.

3. LED light with speaker and bluetooth connection

This disco ball design works with 240 Watts of energy and has 3 sound modes Active and adjustable multi-colored lights. It can last on for up to 5 continuous hours and is designed for use in speakerphone mode and volume adjustments.

You can use it with USB connection and from distances with the remote control through which you can control the light of the stage where you will dance that special day.

String of mini bulbs for outdoors

This special string shaped light set is designed with a candle holder base and string 25 feet long with 25 bulbs Transparent that work even when one stops turning on.

They are ideal for lighting outdoors giving a romantic atmosphere They can be used on any occasion or event offering a warm atmosphere.

5. Bottles of wine with LED lights

The garland of 5 centimeters and 15 LED bulbs It is ideal for use in wine bottles due to its flexible cables. It has three LR44 batteries that provide up to 20 hours of light.

This design suits romantic settings such as weddings and birthdays or celebrations of all kinds, which you can place on tables, in patios or living rooms that will give a magical touch to your environments.

6. Light curtain with 300 LEDs

The curtain of 300 LED lights, has a 9.8 feet tall With safe plug for use and requires 120 light watts that do not overload lights. With it comes a remote controller with a capacity of up to 15 meters proximity.

With 8 selection modes Combining slow and fast flickering, this beautiful curtain will add a delicate, modern and super chic atmosphere to your spaces with more than 6 continuous hours of bright light.