The tool to make the bathroom a therapeutic experience.

You probably already have a brush in your bathroom, but this does not mean that it is adequate to provide a massage that allows you to stimulate circulation in your legs. These types of accessories help you improve the functions of your circulatory systemIn addition, they can relax your muscles so that the bath becomes a therapy to reduce stress.

1. Exfoliating accessory for the Body

It is an extra long dual head scrub brush that measures exactly 16.9 inches. It is made with lotus wood of high quality and durability, it is also covered with a non-slip and waterproof lacquer.

With this brush you can easily reach your feet and back. It is perfect for treating cellulite, exfoliating the skin, and relaxing tight muscles.

2. Tool with handle removable

It is made of wood and has a resistant head plus a removable handle that provides a ergonomic grip. Its anti-slip system allows you to manipulate it in complete safety.

With this brush you can improve your circulation and cleanse your skin at the same time. Its long handle allows you to reach areas that are difficult to reach.

3. Exfoliating treatment for Dry Skin

It is a brush with a non-slip wooden design that has a bamboo handle with natural bristles that provides multiple benefits to your skin. It has a safety rope that makes it much more comfortable to use.

This high quality brush exfoliates and reduces cellulite, while gently massaging your legs and other areas of your body. It is very easy to use and very light, so you don’t have to worry about its bristles hurting your skin.

4. Accessory with bristles of wild boar

It is a brush made with natural boar bristles and equipped with a non-deformable mechanism that provides great resistance to humidity and endows it with elastic qualities. It has a long handle with non-slip performance and the brush is perfect for treating dry and wet skin.

With this brush you will help your skin recover its shine and firmness, as well as increase circulation in the areas where you use it and promote the well-being of your Body.

5. Set of brushes for shower

It is a set of two shower brushes that comes with two transparent self-adhesive hooks. These brushes have a plastic handle curved and long. Their bristles are nylon, a material that helps you easily massage your skin.

This set of brushes are very useful for exfoliate, remove dirt and to remove dead cells found on the skin. They are also very easy to use tools.

6. Bath brush with body bamboo

It is an innovative double-sided brush with a bamboo handle that is designed to brush the back, legs and more. difficult areas reaching. It is a strong and quality accessory that has firm bristles.

With this brush you improve the circulation and you help to regain the natural shine of your skin. It is a tool with which you can exfoliate, clean and remove dead skin from the first pass.