Save time and money with these long-lasting enamels.

Our appearance says a lot about us, and believe it or not our hands are an important detail that we must pay attention to. Keep our painted nails and well cared for, sometimes it is difficult, since the paint easily flakes or stains; so that this does not happen you can try one of these 6 long lasting paints.

1. Frosty gel paints ULG

Set of gel nail paints made with natural and non-toxic ingredients. Package includes 6 units with frosty colors.

These paintings with much glow They will make your hands stand out in the best way. It must be applied with dry and clean nails and dry under a LED or UV light lamp.

2. Base paint Beetles

Beetles Gel No Wipe Top Coat - Shine Finish and Long Lasting, Soak Off UV LED Gel, 15ml

Top Coat Nail Paint Long duration and odorless. Suitable to apply on natural nails, gel or acrylic nails.

This long-lasting paint will be able to keep your nails in perfect condition for up to 21 days or more depending on the care you are given. Its consistency when applied prevents stains and chips.

3. Quick-drying paints Nicole

NICOLE DIARY Nude Nail Polish Set Quick Dry Elegant Nail Lacquer Waterproof Long Lasting DIY Nail Varnish Non-toxic Manicure (6 Colors)

Nail paints on pastel colours with a soft non-toxic odor. 6 units of 9ml each come.

These paintings dry quickly so you can continue with your work without worrying about slips or stains. Its colors will enchant you if you like to project security and romance.

4. Top and base paints Leafu

Set of paints Base and Top coat of long duration. They provide a firm and striking color, after its application it is necessary dry under a lamp LED or UV light.

While the base increases nail adhesion and color paint, the top coat provides shine and prevents abrasion. By applying a layer of both your nails can last much longer than with the application of ordinary enamel.

5. Gel paints Gel Len

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set - Genial Sunshine Series (Pale Beige Nude Pink Brown IndianRed Set), 6 Colors Nail Gel Manicure Kit

Gel paints of 10ml each. Includes 4 colors ranging from red to pink in gradient plus a Top Coat and a Base Coat.

One coat is enough to achieve shine and perfect color on your nails, with a proper application they can last up to 3 weeks.

6. Vegan paints Ibn

Non-Toxic Vegan Nail Polish - Premium Quality Peel Off and Long Lasting with Cuticle Oil. Safe for Pregnancy, Toddler and Pets - Bonus Nail File (3 x 10ml Varnish 1 x 10ml Cuticle Oil) Gift Set

Nail paints made with natural and vegan ingredients. They are low odor and do not need to be dried in LED lamps.

This kit includes 3 color paints plus a conditioning oil with jojoba, sweet almond and vitamin E that deeply penetrates the nails and prepares them to adhere the colored enamel without staining them.