One of the most popular symbols of good luck in the world.

In Eastern culture, the cats represent the good luck in all its expressions, whether for love, good fortune, health or business. That is why this time we recommend the best models of Lucky Cats or Maneki neko for you to place on your desk or office and attract fortunes and blessings.

1. RandJ: Lucky cat with jingle bells

This beautiful 4.5 inch tall design is made of white ceramic High quality and has been hand painted in white that symbolizes purity, plus three golden bells.

It is ideal to place it on your office or business desk to attract whoever owns it. happiness, a healthy life, money and wealth.

2. MV: Solar powered lucky cat

Made of plastic material with dimensions of 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, your left hand is powered by solar energy to attract luck in all the spaces of your life.

With a traditional decoration combined from Japan and China, from the 21st century, this specimen can attract wealth because it has a oriental lighting and it is perfect for any space in your office or home.

3. Kotobuki: White ceramic cat

This beautiful specimen of Kotobuki is made of white ceramics that denote the purity of people’s souls and with a little hand raised to attract wealth, with gold and red colors.

The Maneki Neko Cat It represents a talisman to have a healthy body, mind and spirit that combines with any space where you want to leave it emanating good energy.

4. Feeko: Lucky cat with rotating arm

This cat is deep yellow in color resembling the gold as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is 4.5 inches tall.

With his little hand raised attracts happiness, joys and a healthy life according to the beliefs of China and Thailand, where this specimen is very famous.

5. Mini Lucky Cat with arm waving

Weighing 2.4 ounces, this white cat feed your arm with sunlight or artificial for good luck. It was designed for wealth and prosperity in business and work.

You can display it on your office or company desk so that attract abundance in your work.

6. Kotobuki: Black lucky cat

The black maneki neko has a weight of 1.6 ounces and is a small model that can be placed in any space in your office. Their red and gold colors combined with black they represent abundance, wealth and the distance of bad energies in your environment.

You can place it on your desk or you can welcome at your business booth or in the entrance room of your house to receive your visitors with good vibes.