Improve your income and attract fortune with these charms.

Amulets are objects that channel the flow of energy to attract good luck, fortune and prosperity. And although each of them will have a different effect depending on the use you want to give it, there are several amulets that are specially designed to attract money and fortune, such as the ones shown below. So if you are looking to get a raise or a promotion in your job, take a look at these options that will surely help you.

1. Elephant and frog figurine for fortune

Made in polyresin, the red glitter statuette is approximately 3 ″ wide x 3.5 ″ long.

The Frog symbolizes wealth and his coin in his mouth shows it; the elephant for its part is a symbol of power, wisdom, strength and fertility. You can also use it to attract longevity, good luck, and success.

2. Money tree with chinese coins

This money tree made of resinPolished by hand and painted in bronze and gold, it measures approximately 4 x 5 x 4.75 inches.

His presence in your home, business or office will attract wealth for you, luck and abundance. Ideal for placing on your desk at work.

3. Chinese coin pendant handmade

This pendant of five Chinese coins handmade and attached with a red ribbon with a tassel, it comes in a beautiful gift bag.

Used for attract wealth and success, Chinese coins must be strained on the door of your home, office or business to activate their power. If you accompany it with sandalwood incense you will further enhance its effects.

4. Tree of fortune with natural tiger eye

With tiger’s eye quartz crystals bonded together with silver wireThe tree is handmade and measures between 10 and 12 inches.

The tree and the tiger eye quartz crystals will attract wealth to you, good luck and prosperity to your home, business and office. In addition to this, the tree will give you strength and mental clarity, while quartz will protect you from bad energies.

5. Lucky frog jade and diamonds

Made in jade resinThe frog statue is 3.2 inches tall x 2.9 inches wide.

Represents wealth and dignity. It will be an auspicious sign of treasure, wealth and abundance in your working life.

6. Statuette of buddha with lucky frog

The Buddha statuette made of brass and handmade, it is durable and easy to clean. It measures 3.4 ″ wide x 2.4 ″ tall.

Acts like a magnet to fortune and good luck. Place it in your home, office or business to attract all the good.