Clothes with modern designs to give a new look to your everyday look.

The dresses They are very elegant and versatile garments that adapt well to the style of women. There are them in many styles and designs, ideal for every season of the year and every situation that comes our way. However, there are women who are not entirely comfortable showing a lot of skin, and for these cases, there is nothing better than dresses with long sleeves, which give you a flirtatious touch but at the same time demure. Take a look at the options below and choose the best one for you.

1. Long sleeve dress with loose fit

A beautiful black dress that is available in girl sizes plus size. Its design is loose with long sleeves and a round neck. It is made of a combination of polyester and elastane.

It will mark your silhouette and you can combine it with high-cut black boots to create a casual look that will make you stand out. It is ideal for seasons like spring, summer and autumn.

2. Vintage cut style imperial

Made of high quality polyester and spandex, it is a cut long sleeves dress imperial and an elastic waist that helps to further shape your silhouette. It comes in a nice deep green color and is available in a plus size.

This is a very elegant dress that enhances the silhouette of the woman, making her wear a beautiful curvy figure that will draw attention in any cocktail party, weddings, commitments, going out with friends or even going to work.

3. Flower design with pockets

Made with soft rayon and spandex fabric, it is a flowery style dress with long sleeves which is equipped with pockets at hip level so you can store things like cell phones or keys. Its print makes it a very nice and fun design.

It is ideal for plus size girls since it fits all types of bodies. A piece designed to show off a spectacular appearance and very Fashion at all times.

4. Short dress with transparencies in black color

Made with polyester and spandex fabric, it is a garment of black color It has a very elegant design. It has a detail with transparencies at the height of the bust and asymmetrical figures that give a special touch to the dress. It is a piece with long sleeves and a wide skirt.

This dress has lace and has a zipper on the back for a better fit when using it. It is suitable for use in seasons such as spring, as well as for informal outings or for a nice walk in the park.

5. Light garment for him summer

A fun dress with a classic checkered design it is perfect on any body type. It is plus size, so the size will not be an impediment for you to use it. It is mainly made of an elastic material, breathable and pleasant to the touch.

The simple cut-to-knee design makes it suitable for all kinds of occasions where you want to wear a simpler style. Sit down jovial and beautiful with this dress that will also make you look very sexy.

6. Long dress with frills

A long sleeved dress with a delicate V-neckline that leaves a sexy and discreet opening at the height of the bust. It is a knee length cut design that features an opening in the center that reveals the legs.

Feel and look divine in this dress that fits your waist and helps to highlight the natural shape of your body. It is ideal to go to a special party, to a tape, cocktail party or work meetings.