You no longer have to worry about colliding with furniture at night.

It is normal that we fancy a snack half night Or we get up to go to the bathroom when the lights are already off, as well as it is that we stumble on all the furniture in our path. One way to avoid accidents and save money is by placing motion sensor lights, and here we leave you 6 models of different sizes that you can choose according to the use you want to give it.

1. Sensor lights Magitec

Motion Sensor Light, Magictec Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light, Stick-Anywhere Closet Lights Stair Lights, Safe Lights for Hallway, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Batteries are Included, 4 Pack

Pack of 4 led lights Ultra bright with auto on / off motion sensor. They are wireless and include a battery.

These lights come on as soon as they detect movement and turn off after 20 seconds if you no longer perceive it, which helps you extend its life. You can fix it on any wall or surface by putting adhesive on the back.

2. Portable lamp Spy Tec

Equipt EQBPL090 Weather Resistant Portable Multi-Functional 360 Degree LED Light w / Motion Sensor for Outdoor Lighting

Portable sphere lamp that rotates 360 degrees. It comes in a sturdy plastic stand with flexible legs that keep it upright.

A lamp practical and compact that you can take with you wherever you go, place it on a counter or fold its legs to roll it almost anywhere. It also has a magnetic base that adheres to metal surfaces.

3. Round lights URPower

URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light, Motion-sensing Battery Powered LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, Wall Light for Entrance, Hallway, Basement, Garage, Bathroom, Cabinet, Closet

Pack of 3 lights with motion sensor, each works with 3 AAA batteries (not included) and last up to 1,000 hours. They come with PVC on the back.

These lights automatically turn off after 15 – 30 seconds of inactivity, plus they have integrated magnet to adhere to metal surfaces.

4. Elongated lamps URPower

Motion sensor lamps made up of 10 LED bulbs each. They are powered by 4 AAA batteries and come with a magnetic strip on the back.

These lamps have an automatic ignition sensor in a 10 feet distance and turn off after 25-30 seconds of not detecting movement. Ideal for interiors or for balconies or semi-covered exteriors.

5. Luxury lamp General Electric

Lamp of energy efficient LED light, plugs into outlet and detects movement up to 25 feet away. It is available with a black or silver base.

This lamp has a elegant design and finish that will not break the harmony of the decoration of any space. Automatically turns on and off after 90 seconds of inactivity.

6. Ceiling light Cloudy Bay

Ceiling lamp with 10W incandescent bulb. Its light turns off in 30 seconds when no motion is detected. It comes with a 10 year warranty.

This lamp lights up when someone is walking at 120 degrees and at a distance of 14 feet. Ideal to put in hallways, bathroom or open and roofed spaces such as the balcony or terrace.