The precious stones they are very powerful elements since they come from mother earth, the closest thing to what we consider as divine, and here is their purity and association with magic and good energy. On the scientific side, many specialists today are capable of recognizing its healing powers. That is why having one of these stones in your home will not only be an excellent decorative object, it will also help you purify the atmosphere and attract good luck.

1. Stone of transparent quartz

Transparent quartz it’s natural, it has a 6-sided prism. It weighs 1-2 lbs and is approximately 4-5 ″.

Cures physical ailments, relieve negative energy and balance your mind, body and soul. You can use it to meditate, practice reiki and as a decorative element of your home or office. Remember to clean and program the glass before using it.

2. Amethyst stone with natural fracture

The Amethyst stone weighs 1/2 to 1 pound and measures 3 ″ to 4 ″, comes with a gift Selenite or rose quartz.

Amethyst relieves emotions, physical tensions and in addition to it, it is very protective, since it is able to ward off evil from the person who wears it.

3. Set of quartz pyramids

The crystal set includes 6 natural stones: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, black obsidian, and tiger’s eye; These come with crystal wands that gather, cleanse, and direct energy to bring you love, health, and happiness.

Quartz provide you spiritual well-being, physical and emotional. With the set you can do energy work such as meditation and reiki for the relief of physical ailments, emotional problems as well as protection against negativity.

4. Stone of yellow crystal quartz

Citrine crystal quartz it is 100% naturalIt is slightly smoky, it is 60-80mm long and weighs 110-130g.

Due to its color, the properties of the sun, how to relieve stomach and circulation problems. It also reduces fear during the night by avoiding nightmares and allowing you to have a pleasant rest. Lastly, attract wealth and prosperity to your life.

5. Crystal quartz with titanium

This crystal quartz of geode specimen and coated with unique titanium, it measures 2-3 ″ and weighs approximately 150-200 grams.

For decoration or energy worksThe piece of specimen creates a force field to strengthen your aura while protecting you from negative energies. It also works to reveal patterns that have led you to an undesirable emotional state, thereby facilitating the healing of your subconscious.

6. Stone natural agate

Hand carved agate stone measuring 2-3 ″ and weighing 110-290 grams. It’s soft and it feels great to hold it in your hand. Come with gift bag.

For power amplification, healing, gem recharge, crystal grid, protection, meditation, divination … It can help you harmonize yin and yang to improve positive forces and reject negative ones. It is also good for concentration and perception.

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