Keep the balance of the energies of your life with these necklaces.

The philosophy of Ying Yang belongs to Taoism and represent the coexistence of two fundamental, opposite and complementary forces that make up the energy of the universe. This idea has been followed and interpreted throughout the years in order to internalize the energies in a healthy way and that allows us to develop spiritually in our day to day. That is why this time we show you some options necklaces with the famous ying yang symbol so you can keep the balance of energies always with you.

1. Necklaces set of steel

Necklaces with ying and yang earrings. Made of steel high quality and resistant stainless steel. They have a smooth and polished appearance.

This steel necklace stainless It stands out for its unique design with the ying and yang symbol arranged in two pieces. The product includes a black velvet pouch for your protection.

2. Stainless steel necklace with ying and yang pendant

Pendant with I said Taoist of ying and yang. Made with stainless steel, it includes a 24cm chain also made of steel.

The pendant is made of steel it does not rust and maintains its high quality and color over time. It has a quality guarantee.

3. Pair of necklaces with unifiable charms

Delicate two-piece steel necklace with the Taoist ying and yang symbol. Hypoallergenic, made with 100% 925 sterling silver material, in addition to featuring a polished platinum finish.

The color of this pendant silver it will not change or darken over time. Strong, delicate and eye-catching due to its black and white ying and yang design.

4. Silver pendant with polished ying yang

Beautiful and shimmering 925 sterling silver pendant with satin finish. It features a complete design of the Taoist symmetrical symbol Ying and Yang, which represents the universal balance of good and evil.

This handmade necklace stands out for its high quality and excellent silver finish polished. Ideal to wear during the day or night, since it is responsible for balancing the mind and body.

5. I said ying yang Venetian glass

Round pendant with Ying and Yang symbol. This piece is made with glass resistant 100% hand blown. It measures 1.18 x 1.57 inches and comes with an 18-20 inch long adjustable black leather cord.

The symbol Ying and Yang represents the belief in a universal balance of energies. The pendant stands out for its beautiful black and white glass paint design.

6. Necklace with charm Ying Yang and Flower of Life

This striking charm is made in 925 sterling silver and it has a ying yang symbol design with a geometric Flower of Life background.

It is made of a resistant and high-quality material that can accompany you in your daily life to always be connected with the energies of the universe.