The blouses of bare shoulders they never go out of style since they are one of those comfortable garments that adapt to any style and season of the year. Best of all, they are available in a wide variety of designs and colors that you can complement with any outfit. So do not miss these 6 options so that this autumn always look spectacular.

1. Blouse with striped pattern

This off shoulder blouse is designed with a loose fit and with a striped pattern that is easy to match. All this together with its flared sleeves and tie knot in the front area that gives it a casual air.

This off shoulder blouse is a classic that can not miss in your wardrobe. With it you can create infinity of combinations for each output, because it offers you a style elegant and sexy no matter if you are wearing jeans or dress pants.

2. Style woven with lace

It is a loose top with off shoulders made with lace fabric that is soft to the touch and brings an elegant style. This combines with her loose drop cut, ruffled top and 3/4 sleeves.

This loose fit is perfect if you have the hips and waist with the same proportions, since it will make you look slimmer. And if you want to achieve a more sporty outfit, you can combine it with jeans and comfortable flats.

3. Lightweight blouse short sleeves

It is an off shoulder short sleeve blouse made of polyester material fresh and smooth in contact with the skin. It comes with a loose-drop design and short sleeves with ruffled at the top.

Just by combining it with jeans and flat sneakers, you will get the suitable look for an outing with friends. Although you can also get a more formal style for work by wearing some accessories and heels.

4. Embroidered shirt long sleeves

It is an off the shoulder blouse that is designed with a sexy floral design Embroidered in bright colors that match lantern-style long sleeves.

Best of all, her bohemian style is easy to combine effortlessly with tight pants and sandals. In addition, with the arrival of autumn it is a perfect choice to get a casual and comfortable style.

5. Solid color top with tassels

It is an off the shoulder blouse that is designed with a loose fit and short sleeves with ruffled at the top, which is complemented by tassels at the hem. It is available in different colors.

Its loose fit to the body will make you look more thinYou just have to complement it with some tight pants with a high waist and a leather jacket for the autumn weather.

6. Design of halter neck

This off shoulder blouse is made of polyester soft and fresh that adapts to any time of the year. It has a loose design, long ruffled sleeves and halter straps that leave the shoulders bare.

Is blouse You can use it with jeans, flat shoes or sandals and a wallet with fringes to achieve a casual style. But if you want something more formal, just choose high heels to make you look perfect.