Release shoes this winter!

Do you want to buy comfortable and non-slip boots to wear this winter? If there is a lot of snow or rain where you live, then you may need boots to keep you safe while you walk. In this guide we show you 6 models that stand out for their soles with a lot of grip, a modern style and a price of less than $ 50.

1. Cior

With a classic design, these Cior’s boots are designed in synthetic suede with a lined interior, which brings warmth to your feet during the day. It has a rubber base that by its design is non-slip and light, making the boots very comfortable. In addition, they are resistant to water and perfect for cities where there is snow.

Available in 7 different colors, these Cior boots are priced under $ 30 and are highly valued by clients in Amazon. They mention that they have a very comfortable fit and a great price-quality ratio. Additionally, they claim they keep their feet dry and warm during the cold months.

2. Polar

With a higher design, these Polar boots protect your feet and part of your legs from water or snow. Made of synthetic leather, they have a lace-up design, but it has a side closure for easy donning. They are approximately 10 ”high and have a non-slip rubber base with a design that guarantees great grip.

Its about guide’s best-selling model, with more than 1,000 reviews in Amazon. They are available in several different models and colors, to suit your personal style. The clients mention about these boots that they are of very good quality, ideal to spend hours in the snow. They recommend asking for half a size more, especially if you are going to use them with thick stockings.

3. Dadawen

The dadawen boots They have a very modern design, available in various colors that will complement any look with style. Made of waterproof plastic, these boots have a large rubber base with a non-slip design. Inside, a fur-like fabric keeps your feet warm and they are very easy to put on by taking off their side velcros.

These boots have a price less than $ 45 and they are available in many different colors. They are highly valued by clients in AmazonThey mention that they are waterproof boots ideal for snow and very comfortable to wear all day. They recommend asking for half a size more if you are going to wear them with thick stockings and note that they are a bit narrow in the fit of the legs.

4. Gracosy

These gracosy boots They have a very simple design, which adapts well to any look. They have a low design, made with synthetic material that guarantees their resistance to water and synthetic fur fabric inside to provide warmth. On the outside, they have a closure to put them on easily and have a non-slip rubber base, ideal for when it rains or snows.

They are the cheapest boots in the guide, with a price that starts at $ 20 depending on the size and are highly valued by customers in Amazon. They emphasize its great variety of colors, its comfort and warmth, ideal to wear throughout the day. They are very light and due to their style it is a very versatile snow boot, for going to work, going out or traveling.

5. ArticShield

The boots by ArticShield They have a more striking design, which will complement any outfit in the winter. They are made of synthetic fabric, with a fur interior that also decorates the boot on the outside, and a curved rubber base. Its base is non-slip and thanks to the internal insole of memory foam They are very comfortable walking boots.

These are top rated boots in the guide, with 4.4 stars on Amazon and they are available in black or white. The clients mention that they have a good fit and are very comfortable, perfect to wear all day without suffering. In addition, they affirm that their base has a very good grip when they walk on ice, snow or water.

6. Kombu

The kombu boots they have a very sober design, which adapts well to any look that you have. They are high boots, without laces, which are made of waterproof synthetic fabric. Inside, a fur lining keeps your feet warm thanks to technology Thermolite. It has a curved rubber base that maximizes comfort and is non-slip.

With its great 49% discount, these Kombu boots are currently priced at $ 50, being a high quality model at a low price. In Amazon, the clients mention that they are very light and easy to put on, since it has closures on both sides, with a fabric protection to guarantee its insulation. In addition, they affirm that its base has a good grip and that they fit very well.