The kind of clothing that we use in addition to marking our style and personality, is a trait that highlights how we are perceived by others. In this sense, use the suitable clothing allows us to highlight our silhouette, our attributes and the qualities that define us at the level professional. Thus, a garment that should not be missing in the wardrobe to look professional are the jackets and blazers, and here we show you some options that cannot be missing in your closet.

1. Jacket with flown in sleeves and hem


This jacket is made with high elastic cotton fabric, soft and very comfortable. Its front part is open and with a lapel neck.

his Design incorporates ruffles around the edge of the jacket and on the sleeve cuffs. It has a casual style so you can use it to go to the office or to a business meeting.

Blazer with asymmetric cut


It is a versatile knitted blazer with an open front, very easy to combine with any blouse thanks to its style. Features a single front button and its sleeves are 3/4.

Ideal for daily use, this garment allows you to complement a sophisticated and professional look. You can wear it with dress pants, jeans, skirts and even with the dresses of your preference.

3. Executive jacket one button


It has a classic but at the same time versatile design that allows it to be used both for day to day and for formal occasions. The front is adjustable with a button and the sleeves can be worn long or 3/4.

Its comfort and fit adapts to any feminine garment, and makes your silhouette stand out by being snug at the waist. Perfect to combine with dresses, pants and all kinds of blouses.

4. Blazer with low neckline


It has been made with a soft and light fabric, which makes this blazer very breathable and comfortable. It has a solid color, is open at the front and adjusts to the waist with a button.

Transform any of your outfits into a spectacular outfit, with which you can highlight each day that you go to your office and even more, when you must attend a meeting or an important business lunch.

5. Open blazer of 3/4 sleeve


It is an exclusive blazer designed with 3/4 sleeves and open at the front. The material with which it has been made Gently adjusts to your silhouette and is breathable.

It is really soft and flexible, but with a great structure. A garment that you must have in your wardrobe to look feminine, attractive and above all professional on any occasion.

6. Blazer Stockinet


Made with a mix of materials, this is a blazer fitted, comfortable and elastic for everyday wear. It features a single button front and 3/4 rumpled sleeves.

Is a versatile alternative to traditional blazers and formal blazers. Its sophisticated pattern makes it ideal for you to use it with your favorite garments and thus go with style to your work.