If you are to have many accessories and you enjoy dressing up with details in jewelrythen you must have a organizer box or jewelry box where you can store them with safety and comfort to always have access to them and extend their useful life. Take a look at these models available to you:

1. Flying: Organizer jewelery box with classic design

Strong structure that works as a jewelry organizer and accessories. This organizer shelf features 10.24 x 7.48 x 7.09 inch size as well as 4.72 x 2.56 inch mirror. In turn, it has various compartments to comfortably distribute each of your belongings.

Elegant, attractive and easy to use. Is box To organize your jewelry, it stands out for the simplicity of its details and excellent workmanship.

2. HEZALA: Jewelery box with synthetic leather


Accessories Organizer Box Design and jewelry, made of synthetic leather. With an elegant and attractive appearance, it measures 12 x 6.70 x 13 inches. It has 5 extendable drawers, 2 hidden side cabinets and 12 slots in total to store each jewel with great comfort.

This drawer organizer It is an ideal option for you, if you are looking to fit your accessories in numerous compartments and slots. Practical, elegant and with a unique appeal in the details.

3. Flying: Jewelry drawer with sturdy lock


Organizer box model, which is made of resistant material for long duration. This model includes a large mirrored lid, a top tier with four ring slots, and four small compartments, plus a large one in the middle. Its measurements are 11 x 8 x 5.6 ″.

Ideal for you to give on a special day or look for a good quality box to store your accessories so that they do not get damaged over time. This design stands out for the elegance of its structure and the spaciousness of its interior.

4. Flying: Classic Organizer Box Design with Clear Lid


Large size box to organize your accessories in a classic design. It has an exterior with velvet lining and high quality synthetic leather. Its dimensions are 11.6 x 8 x 3 inches. In turn, it contains multiple compartments to store all kinds of jewelry.

This model of organizer stands out in the market for its attractive design with synthetic skin deluxe. It offers quality in its structure. You won’t have to worry about clutter in your jewelry.

5. Glenor: Organizer jewelry box with 28 compartments


Jewelery box made of synthetic leather and metal buckle to facilitate its closure. It has a spacious design with 28 compartments to store different accessories. In turn, it has a large mirror inside and two trays. Its dimensions are 10.25 ″ x 10.25 ″ x 3.5 ″.

Unique, practical and attractive design. Is organizer box jewelry box is ideal for you to fit all your accessories in its multiple compartments. You can keep an order in each of your clothes.

6. SONGMICS: Jewelery box with black leather design


Model of case for storing and distributing jewelry, which has an attractive design in black leather as a protective lining. This box has 9 compartments of multiple sizes so you can distribute your accessories comfortably. It offers the following specifications: 8.9 ″ x 6.7 ″ x 5.4 ″.

The delicate design in black leather This organizer box is pleasing to the eye, in addition to providing a sturdy support so you can accommodate your jewelry according to your particular taste.