The bowties over the years they have represented for the man elegance and the perfect accessory to complement your look When it comes to important events, and for your wedding day, they can not miss. If what you are looking for is a accessory that gives you a touch original and colorful to combine with your wedding outfitTake a look at these options and choose your favorite.

1. Bow and scarf with floral design

The bow and scarf that we present to you have a floral design made of a material with a high number of threads that will allow its long duration. The loop it is adjustable to the neck and the elegant cloth scarf can be worn as you like in your outfit.

This combination you can find it in different colors, to choose the one that best suits your boyfriend look or for special occasions such as dinners, birthdays or others.

2. Adjustable bow tie for tuxedo

This black bowtie comes pre tied so that you do not suffer looking for the way to make the bow, it is also made of a fine and soft fabric because it is 100% polyester to denote elegance.

The bowtie model is ideal for your wedding celebration, as it will give you a sophisticated look, But you can also use it in all kinds of celebrations and for a long time without discomfort.

3. Tie and bandana set in green print

This set of tie with handkerchief, are handmade in soft polyesterThe bow is adjustable around the neck and next to the scarf it has a design that makes it look elegant for those who wear it.

The combination of these two accessories for the groom will give you a classic air, which will give you comfort and security when walking to the altar to wait for your beloved.

4. Blue bowtie elegant and classic

Made of a fine polyester fabric that gives the elegant touch on deep blue tone and combines with all kinds of shirts. The bow comes pre-tied so it will not be difficult to mount when using it.

This type of bow can be placed in different colors according to your taste and the theme of your wedding ceremony. Without a doubt, the bowtie will give you a special look at the altar and throughout the celebration.

5. Bow tie and scarf with diamond tip

The bow tie with handkerchief is designed in a sober color to give style Elegant and it is made of very high quality satin polyester that gives it a silk-like appearance.

This duo is perfect for any occasion such as weddings, graduations, to welcome the new year and celebrate with great elegance giving you a million dollar look.

6. Bowtie with shiny brooch

It is designed with two layers of ties with black pattern on the background and standard black decorated with diamonds that resemble diamonds. The cord is 18.1cm long on average and is made of high-density nano polyester and silk brought from South Korea.

This is a very original design for those who want to set the tone on the day of their marriage or at a special event or formal business.