To keep the entrance of your home always safe.

Care and security of our houses is really important because it helps us feel calmer in our home, that’s why we usually resort to tools that provide us with that well-being. Among the equipment that we can have on hand for this purpose, few are as efficient as lamps with motion sensors that are installed outdoors. If you want to have one at home, then pay attention to the following six options that we have selected for you and your family.

1. Safety spotlights double head LED

These lamps are special and equipped with an LED light that allows 500 lumens of bright white light to be projected, turning on instantly that detects movement in a range of 30 feet. Does not require cables for your installation.

You can easily place it in places like the garage, doors, sheds, fences, patios and corners of the house. Their heads are adjustable And they can be adjusted at an angle of 180 degrees from top to bottom and 135 degrees from side to side.

2. Lamp with sensors that capture movement

This lamp with built-in LED lights and a sensor that automatically turns on and off. Project a nice light and necessary to have all the exterior spaces of the house well lit.

These lamps have a rotating system that carries light everywhere and through its sensors it will capture any type of strange movement near the surroundings of the house.

3. LED spotlight security with motion detector

This light bulb comes with a built-in passive infrared sensor with a detection angle of 100 degrees and 25 feet away. It has a smart system motion detection that allows you to activate automatically when you perceive movements near the house.

The security light you need at home so you can have a clearer view of your home’s exteriors at night. It’s super easy to install and it does not need cables for its operation.

4. Lamp solar cells for outdoors

This lamp recharges during the day and stays on throughout the night. They are equipped with LED cells super bright and with solar motion sensors. Being charged by solar energy, they have the ability to emit brighter light for longer.

They can be easily installed with just two screws or with adhesive pads. Does not need cables annoying or adapters, this allows a quick installation and without having to make changes to the structure of the house.

5. Wall lamp with motion sensor

These lamps contain 126 LED lights that project 835 lumens that are capable of illuminating all the outdoor spaces in your home. The sensor has the ability to detect movement of up to 32 feet away within your 120 degree field of view.

This type of lamp has been designed to withstand all the climatic conditions present in outdoor residents. Wireless installation is very easy and does not require more than 5 minutes.

6. Outdoor lights with japanese sensor

This lamp is equipped with super bright bulbs that provide 600 lumens which can cover an area of ​​more than 400 feet squares. It only requires four focus batteries and a flashlight. They are easy to mount on the wall or you can even use them as a flashlight.

These lamps will be the security system Ideal for your home, they are waterproof since they have hermetic seals that keep electronic components away from liquids.