Today there is a wide variety of styles and shapes of shoes, but nothing compares to oxford classics, since they have an elegant design and are perfect to accompany any type of formal suit or dress style that is full of masculinity. The style shoes oxford They are undoubtedly a choice that does not go unnoticed easily due to their elegant design and their particular shape that sets the trend within garments for gentleman. Take a look at the options below and choose your favorite:

1. Oxford shoes with rubber sole

They are brown in color and made of genuine leather Oxford design that also look good with casual clothes. The sole is made of synthetic material and is white in color, while its surface is leather and it has a padded lining on the inside.

This pair of shoes can be used to combine with any of your casual outfits. Its interior will give you a lot of softness and comfort at every step. They are very firm and elegant shoes with a youthful style.

2. Handmade leather footwear in black color

They are made of handmade leather, completely black and equipped with a rubber sole, classic style that also provides anatomical support that provides comfort. It has a refined finish that makes it perfect to use on various occasions.

These shoes are for you, who are looking to keep the classic style and masculine while still feeling comfortable and at ease while wearing them.

3. Oxford for mens with rubber sole

These shoes are 100% leather with a rubber outsole and extra cushioned midsole that gives a surface that absorbs impact when walking and better distributes weight. It has the classic oxford design with holes and fine seams.

If you are looking to give elegance to someone you know, friend, brother or close, this product is perfect, because in addition to its elegant design it fits the foot and has a low cut that gives it a more stylish look. modern.

4. Imported footwear 100% leather

This shoe design is total lined in 100% natural leather. This is a pair of imported shoes with a synthetic leather sole. The sole also has a rubber and wheel edging which makes them more comfortable to wear.

Light, elegant, sober and with much character, These shoes are the reflection of classic oxford that never go out of style. They are also a perfect example of what new trends in menswear are.

5. Vintage style design with winged toe

Oxford shoes two tone that create a particular contrast in a classic black and white pattern. They are of high quality and with a vintage design that makes them ideal for formal occasions.

If you are looking for shoes with personality and a lot of character, these are ideal since their style does not go beyond fashion and they are designed with the highest quality materials to guarantee their resistance.

6. Dress shoes genuine fur

They are genuine leather shoes with oxford design Soft, breathable texture and rubber outsole for high quality and durability. Its light brown color and white soles create an excellent contrast that goes perfectly with any style.

They are traditional looking shoes that are also very comfortable and elegant to fit the style of today’s man. With this pair of shoes you will always remain elegant and with a style that will never go out of style.