When choosing girdles, There are a lot of details to look out for, like the material, the stitching and its function. Typically, you are looking for a girdle that works to enhance your attributes, reduce your measurements in a short time and be discreet. Thinking about this, one of the best options is girdles panty type, since you can wear them comfortably under your clothes every day, and thus mold your figure quickly and easily. Take a look at these options and forget about the awkward corset or full length girdles.

1. Classic style of high waist

It is made with a high waist, gathered seams and made of polyamide and elastane materials. They are classic tights that are made with a firm and resistant fabric of PowerSlim that mold to your figure.

With this girdle you will get a smooth abdomen and glutes firm and round to give you a more sensual appearance. In addition, it will put your waist defined with a comfortable and sexy sensation that will make you feel more sure of yourself.

2. Abdomen support with cotton reinforcement

It is a classic girdle of Ergonomic design with a high cut in the legs and a PowerSlim support at abdomen level. It also has a ruched seam on the back and a high waist with cotton reinforcements for greater comfort.

It is designed with soft, firm fabric that allows you to wear it all day without discomfort. Shape your waist, flatten your abdomen and enhance the natural curve of your glutes.

3. Girdle with elastic and anatomical design

It is a girdle made of polyamide and elastane, materials that create a design without bands on the legs. It is high waisted with stripes SmartLace that give a more slender shape to the abdomen.

It is specially made to define your figure and thus make you feel comfortable and sensual. A garment that molds and softens the natural curves of your body and that is extremely discreet.

4. High cut with elastic mesh

This girdle is made of elastic fabric that compresses and molds easily all the lower part of your body. Made of black front and back fabric with cotton gussets for breathability and comfort.

It will automatically smooth all your curves, while it will compress your belly and enhance your buttocks in a natural way. Thanks to its middle waist you don’t have to worry about cellulite or other marks on your body.

5. Compressor with waist control

This high waist control panty type girdle is made with ultra flat seams and cotton reinforcements for a more pleasant feeling on the skin. It also has compression and control areas on the abdomen.

This styler provides comfortable control on the belly area, while firming your waist and making your buttocks enhance in a simple and natural way.

6. Lightweight mesh tights high waist

This girdle features a lightweight mesh panty-style design and a high waist. A quality piece made with materials such as mesh, naylon and spandex, attached with sturdy ruched seams.

It will help you soften your waist and give your belly a flat appearance while enhancing the curves of your rear with subtle lift and molding. In addition, it is perfect for you to use throughout the day or even to sleep.