The advancement of technology greatly facilitates all the activities we do on a daily basis. When we talk about controlling our body weight, heart rate and other values ​​of our body that are decisive for good health, there are many devices that have the ability to offer you all these data in real time. This time we share 6 monitors of physical activity so you can keep track of your progress.

1. Sport design with meter heart rate

It is a system watch Android iOS it has the ability to monitor heart rate. It is waterproof and includes features like step counter, calorie, call alert and built-in alarm clock. Its operating system allows you to share information from social networks in real time.

This useful accessory will greatly facilitate your day to day due to the large number of applications and technological advantages that this attractive watch incorporates. It can be loaded through a USB Cable.

2. Multifunction accessory with sleep monitor

It is a waterproof and multifunctional tool with sleep monitor, oxygen, step counter and tracker physical activity. It is also very useful for you to be aware of your daily events since it is equipped with SNS and SMS alerts. It is a system compatible device Android Y iPhone.

With this watch you can track your activity while running, riding and swimming, and you can even feel totally safe Thanks to its waterproof design that allows you to carry the daily rhythm without the fear that liquids could damage it.

3. Automated system to measure the heart rate

It has an innovated automated system which constantly monitors heart rate 24 hours a day, as well as the number of calories burned and routine physical activities. It has a long battery life and an attractive design.

This accessory will give you real-time control of your sleep in its various stages. It is also a tool that will provide you with all the comparative information so that you always have access to your progress record.

4. Device with musical control

It has a system for intensive training where it provides constant information on heart rate, hours of sleep and tracks physical activities throughout the day. It has various alerts for messages, calls and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other digital platforms.

With this watch you may control the music you listen to while you exercise and perform your daily activities. It is a very useful tool for you who are looking to be aware of everything that has to do with your general health.

5. Smart watch a water proof

It is a waterproof Bluetooth smart watch that has built-in functions like sleep monitor, call alert and an integrated pedometer. It has a unisex design and has a remote camera and music control, it is also compatible with most system phones IPhone and Android.

This watch is suitable for you, who are looking to have a rhythm of proactive life and you’re always looking for the time to exercise. It is also very easy and comfortable to take to any type of outdoor activities.

6. Smart bracelet with fitness bands

It is a physical activity bracelet with waterproof fitness bands and black color. It has an operating system to measure oxygen in the blood, blood pressure, calories burned, distance traveled and remote control of the camera.

With this bracelet you can be aware of how well your weight loss regimen is working. Its design provides a lot distinction and comfort when going out to train.