Comfort is necessary in our lives to feel full, both in the environment that surrounds us and with ourselves. That is why to carry out any physical or sports activity, the first thing that we must take into account is that set or clothing that is comfortable for us and allows us to move more freely and confidence when exercising. That is why this time we will present you some pieces of plus size clothing to wear while we exercise.

1. Comfortable flannel round neck

Made with polyester fabric for soft touch, in addition to comfort in daily use. Ideal for use in training or exercise routine, because it is made with Double Dry technology with X-Temp that absorbs sweat and dries faster.

This designed to exercise at home or outdoors, since it has elastic seams that allow better movement in all types of physical activity.

Elastic pants To exercise

Made of comfortable fabric for daily use and extra soft due to its polyester and elastane material high quality. Their capri style makes them more practical for running, jogging or doing any type of physical activity.

From wide waist, which facilitates movement of the hips when walking and moving from one place to another with greater ease and comfort. Its fabric better absorbs moisture from the skin, making it fresher and drier at all times.

3. Cross flannel super fresh

Ideal for shaping the upper body into a lightweight design that allows you to move more comfortably during any physical or sports activity.

Long length that provides comfort in use, in addition to having a fabric that absorbs moisture from the body faster and stands out for being highly breathable.

Short-sleeved flannel quick drying

Made with x Dri technology known to absorb perspiration faster of the body and keep you dry at all times.

Its design is light and loose, ideal to follow an exercise routine in the gym without any discomfort. It also features a V-shaped collar that makes the flannel cooler for training.

5. Leggings of strong and elastic mesh

Recommended to follow an exercise routine in the gym, since it absorbs moisture faster and keeps skin fresh most of the time.

Have a See-through mesh design at calves that allows greater breathability and air circulation in each movement while you train.

6. Leggings in Capri style to work out

Manufactured with cotton fabric that offers more softness to the touch and lycra for greater elasticity in physical or sports activities. They stand out for being comfortable to perform all kinds of exercises either from home or in the gym.

Ideal for running, jogging or following a more elaborate routine. From flatlock seams that decrease the chance of irritation due to the high amount of stretching and rubbing.