The most efficient way to make the most of space.

A closet It is a piece of furniture designed to keep our shoes and clothes in one place. This type of furniture contributes to the organization within the homeIn addition, they allow us to have a complete visualization of our clothes to choose more easily what clothes to wear. If you do not have a closet in the place where you live, in this article we show you 6 portable cabinets that you can have in your room.

1. Furniture sliding doors

It is a sliding door wardrobe that is made with a waterproof and scratch resistant fabricThis guarantees a solid structure that will protect your clothes from outside conditions. Its dimensions are 52 x 18 x 70 inches, a perfect size to fit rooms with little space.

If your room is a very tiny space, this can be a great choice. It won’t take long to put it together. You can also save and save all your sweaters, jackets and shirts avoiding that they have annoying wrinkles.

2. Wardrobe for to protect dust clothes

It is a closet of black color with a frame made of stainless steel tubes capable of supporting a large weight. It has a compact size, it has different compartments to store your clothes and shoes without mixing them.

Its design is really very practical, since it helps to have a better organization. Its solid structure will protect your clothes from dust and liquids, so it will last a long time more time.

3. Perfect design for rooms little

It stands out for having ample storage and for being reinforced with easy to mount steel bars. It is also made of a breathable fabric and lightweight that is completely moisture resistant.

This great wardrobe will allow you to store your clothes in a safe place, preventing the fabric from wrinkling or appearing mushrooms on her consequence of the excess of humidity.

4. Furniture with multiples compartments

A practical, functional wardrobe with many compartments of different sizes. The structure is made of steel tubes covered by a folding case that protects your interior from moisture. Its design allows you to visualize all your clothes, making their access easier.

Unlike other portable cabinets, this one stands out for its small steel legs that add stability regardless of the surface you are on. The multiple drawers are ideal for sorting and storing multiple personal items.

5. Exclusive piece to keep shoes

It is a vertical cabinet designed for store and protect your shoes. It has been made with a seamless and fully breathable fabric reinforced with a steel tube frame and plastic connectors. Its dimensions are 34.2 x 11.0 x 60.2 inches, this makes it perfect for small rooms.

With this wardrobe you will make all your shoes in a well distributed space that has them protected from moisture and heat. It will allow you to save time when dressing and space inside your room.

6. Wardrobe with pieces removable

An aspect closet modern and creative It has an innovative design with connecting cubes made of plastic that can be moved and placed in the way you prefer. You can make the most of the space you have available in your room.

Its white color combines perfectly with any type of decoration. Inside each cube you can save multiple objects regardless of weight.