It is always good to have plants in our home, especially in our interior spaces, and especially the kitchen, since according to the feng shui In addition to setting and impregnating delicious aromas that transmit its positive energy, its use will provide an extra dose of nutritional energy to each dish. That is why this time we show you the best succulent plant pots that will allow you to place them in any space in your home and have an element decorative special.

1. KOZ-itas: flower pot with legs

This pot built in ceramic It is available in different sizes. There is an offer that includes two for Plants are not included.

Uniquely designed, the planter is perfect for you to plant cactus, herbs, plants and flowers. If you plant edible herbs the benefit will be twofold. Place it in your kitchen, balcony, window, corners, dark areas and spaces between columns.

2. T4U: pack of six colorful pots

With a ceramic construction, the pots have a measure of 6.3 x 6.3 x 5.5 cm, and are available in various colors according to the pack. Plants are not included.

With them you can sow or place succulents, herbs and cacti. Due to their size, they will be perfect for decorating tables and windows.

3. T4U: pot pack for small places

The pots are built in ceramic and they have measures of 6 x 6 x 5.5 cm. Other packs with different designs and colors are also available.

With a little drain hole At the bottom, the pots will be perfect for containing succulents, herbs and cacti. Due to their size, they are recommended for small homes such as studio apartments and annexes.

4. Polymer: sun resistant flower pot

Hand built with ceramic, the pot is resistant to corrosion, water and drought. It is also strong, durable, breathable, self-absorbent and non-deformable in an elegant and functional style.

Provides you plenty of space to plant, all thanks to the fact that it has three compartments suitable for small flowers and plants, especially for succulents. Perfect for modern minimalist home decor with the beauty of oriental art.

5. T4U: pack of 6 small white pots

The pots have been built in white ceramic and they measure 7 x 7 x 5.2 cm. Ideal to place them together or separately.

Being littleThey are ideal for you to decorate your interior space, especially if you live in a place with little space. Perfect to contain succulent plants, herbs and cacti.

6. T4U: pack of 3 pots with drain hole

Ceramic built, the pots are 2 inches long and 2.75 wide. They have designs that simulate being hand painted.

With a little drain hole At the bottom, in these pots you can contain succulent plants, herbs and cacti.