Give your home a modern and functional space with this furniture.

There are many ways to decorate the hall or entrance of your house according to your style and your needs; however, when in addition to beauty you seek practicality, you require certain types of furniture so that your clothes and personal items look good visually. That is why this time we want to recommend the best furniture options with which you can have your own dressing room at the entrance of your home, and thus have a space functional, practical and decorative:

1. Multipurpose cabinet wood and metal

The dressing room cabinet has a 22 lbs weight tolerance, suspension bar and bottom board. It is made of wood and has a light color. Its measurements are 25.19 ″ x 15.75 ″ x 59 ″. It is easy to assemble and comes with parts included.

It is multipurpose since in addition to putting your clothes, you can also store shoes, accessories and more. Its angled frame prevents clothes from hitting the wall, and also provides you with a sturdy base so the shelf doesn’t fall off.

2. AmazonBasics: expandable organizer cabinet

It is made of durable steel wire and slip resistant covers Plastic along with 4 extra wide leveling feet for greater stability. On the other hand, it features 2 adjustable width hanging rods that can be moved up and down in 1-inch increments.

Offers you 10 shelves where each holds up to 100 pounds, plus can be raised / lowered in 1-inch increments. Includes plastic shelf liners and wall mount accessories for added security.

3. Dressing cabinet rustic-looking

The cabinet is made up of industrial black steel tube and wooden board and wheels heavy duty. Its load capacity is 150 lbs. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions, tools, and hardware. Its wheels are lockable and rotatable.

It is extremely durable And it gives you additional storage, as the lower shelves allow you to store baskets, boxes, shoes, bags and other items.

Four. AmazonBasics: easy to assemble furniture

Made in strong steel, the unit has upper and lower hanging rods, plus a height adjustable arm hanger with lateral rotation. It measures 14 x 36 x 72 inches and features a 400 pound weight capacity when not moving and a 200 pound weight capacity when moving.

It gives you a easy assembly Because it doesn’t warrant tools, height-adjustable top and bottom shelves, each 14 inches long x 36 inches wide, and four rubber wheels, two of them locking.

5. COPREE: ecofriendly walk-in wardrobe

This piece of furniture has a high quality construction, which has a high hardness and high resistance to decomposition. In addition to that, it is eco friendly.

He offers you multifunctional applicationsAs it is equipped with a top bar and a 3-tier storage shelf. In addition to all this, it is easy to assemble.

6. NEX: metal walk-in wardrobe

Made of durable and strong steel to corrosion, the furniture has a robust function and a modern appearance. Available in black and aqua blue.

With it you will have a rod to hang your clothes and two shelves to store storage cubes, bags, shoes and much more.