The bath It is one of the places in the house where we spend the most time, either while enjoying a hot shower, while you groom yourself or get ready to leave the house. To remodel the bathroom and make it a relaxation, it is good to consider some useful accessories. The problem is that there are many options in designs, sizes, materials and functionality; This is why we present you some ideas that will not affect your budget.

1. Cover bathtub drain

A drain cover that adapts to any type of drainssuch as the flat, trigger or quick lever. It is an accessory made from recyclable material that is easy to clean and safe to grow the depth of the water without leakage.

It is an ideal option for you to stop listening to the dripping of water in your drain and enjoy a relaxing bath. Also, you can use it in your dishwasher to fulfill the same function.

2. Shower curtain plastic with pockets

It is a curtain of sturdy plastic large dimensions that cover the entire space of the standard shower and bathtub. In addition, it comes with 12 holes with metal rings in a wide variety of colors to combine with the decoration of your bathroom.

This curtain has a versatile design of 9 pockets that allow you to store and organize your bathroom items such as brushes, sponges, personal care products and towels.

3. Music player waterproof

It is a device for listening to music that provides you with a high quality musical experience with a distribution of acoustic sound it does not cause noise interference and offers full spectrum coverage. It has an intuitive microphone with buttons for you to use as hands-free.

This player is waterproofSo you can enjoy your favorite music while you take a shower, go to the pool or to the beach. And best of all, it offers universal compatibility so you can stay connected to your mobile devices via bluetooth.

4. Shower holder with rubber stamp

A port shower arm made with strong and durable materials that has a seal of rubber and suction cup allowing you to easily attach and remove it from the shower or tub wall.

With this support for showers you can have a much more comfortable and relaxing bathroom. You can place it in smooth places for better stability and even adjust it to the height you prefer.

5. Pillow padded for bathtub

It is a bath pillow with 2 inches thick foam and a medium size that easily fits into any standard bathtub. It also comes with 6 suction cups that keep it from slipping and make your bathroom experience more relaxing.

This design features two large panels that provide additional comfort for your shoulders and neck stay relaxed while you are in the tub or jacuzzi.

6. Carpet anti-slip

It is a memory foam mat that absorbs all the weight and is also equipped with a rubber processing thick and soft, which is ideal for the contour and pressure of the foot.

It has a design easy to cleanAbsorbent and comfortable that you can use in any decoration. But best of all, you can machine wash it in cold water.