The health of your mouth is extremely important. Give it the attention it deserves.

Our oral health it is as important as general health. In our mouth we can develop infections due to bacteria that develop from food waste or poor hygiene. To keep our mouth in optimal conditionWe must start by keeping our teeth healthy as well, to avoid tartar and cavities that may appear. See below some of the best products to whiten them and keep your oral health in optimal conditions.

1. Pencil TrueWhite:

In just 1 minute you can transform your smile using this pencil directly on your teeth.

2. Mouthwash – Dr. Brite Mint Whitening Natural:

For better gum health, as it nourishes the delicate oral tissues that prevent the growth of bacteria, therefore, it cleanses the cavities with a safe rinse and a natural mouthwash.

3. Rinser TheraBreath 24 Hour Healthy Gums:

Mouthwash to treat gingivitis, gum bleeding and swelling problems. Contains natural Xylitol and oxygenating components patented by Dr. Katz. Also, it contains Zinc that help fight bad breath germs.

4. Oxy Fresh – Dental Gel:

It is a powerful gel of fast actionSafe for the whole family and perfect for anyone suffering from dry mouth, chronic bad breath (halitosis), mouth ulcers, irritated tissues and more.


5. Probiotics Pro – Dental:

Chewable tablets flavored with natural mint. It is a hyperbiotic product that produces enzymes that helps dissolve waste that is a problem for the gums. For its use, it is recommended to read the indication label and be aware of the exclusion of guarantees and responsibility.

6. Toothpaste JASON:

The ingredients in this toothpaste combine to defend your mouth against plaque, tooth decay, periodental disease. Helps reduce irritation of your gums, keeping your breath fresh and clean.